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Thread: Need help for these organ/liturgical music

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    Need help for these organ/liturgical music

    So, I have problems with these 2 compositions.

    1st is ''Marcia funebre'' written by C. CORTELLAZZO.
    Look here:
    Does someone know anything about him? I can not find any information... Or does maybe someone have any more music from Cortellazzo?

    2nd is ''Religioso'' written by (?) WENZEL.
    Look here:
    But, I don't know the name of this author. It can be Hans Jurgen Wenzel, or Hermann Wenzel, or Henrich Wenzel Veit....
    Can someone help me?

    I write one scientific work on my postgraduate study about liturgical music in my city, so I really need that informations...

    If can someone help me... THANX

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    I believe this music was composed by
    Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda

    Friendly yours. Jean-Paul

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    Had never heard of Kalliwoda, but there's a wealth of information about him here:

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