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Thread: Can i get some opinions on some of my jingles???

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    Can i get some opinions on some of my jingles???

    there structured for lyrics to be on top but could be arranged differently for film or commercial!?!!?
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    Hello and welcome to the forum. Look forward to hearing more of your music


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    Not sure what you mean about me these are musi9cal compositions.( unless referring to comments you make under the player)..Waiting 4a hero.. maybe alittle to long on each repetion without developing it further:but pleasent to listen too with nice themes................Can't Break a Dream - good bakground for like an animal, jungle theme stalking etc.. nice sounding and more interesting than prior one............You never know...I can see this as a movie theme for the horse in the beginning and added vocal interjections... Good luck with your continued composing skills.
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