What do you think about César Franck (1822-1890)?
Some facts from other people that can help you:
-Camille Saint-Saëns hated and hated Franck so much... I think he prefered Wagner!
-Edvard Grieg: (when he was listening «Les Béatitudes») «I don't understand why you, french people, just listen Berlioz if you have Franck wich has much more great music than Berlioz»
-Erik Satie: «one thing is clear: Franck is Franck»
-Marcel Proust loved Franck and the «Violin's Sonata» influenced «À la recherche du temps perdu» and other works by Proust.
-Jules Romain: (in a letter to Franck) «I want to know more your music master!»
-Pablo Neruda loved Franck but when he asked about Franck to Claudio Arrau, the great pianist answered: «Franck? You must listen Verdi!»
-Franz Liszt: «there is just one composer capable to create great instrumental music, this composer is César Franck»
-Hans von Bülow and Cosima Wagner loved Franck music. Franck dedicated a album to Cosima and she persuaded him very much to going live to Germany!
-Francis Poulenc: «I don't like Franck because he's not latin.»