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Thread: Looking for out of print organ music

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    Looking for out of print organ music

    I am looking for a copy of Fanfare for Organ by Ronald Arnatt. It was published by Concordia but is currently out of print. Any suggestions as to where I might find a copy?

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    Might try and search for more info through by composer as well as compostition) ; usual serach engines.. your local university music library is also a thought. I have never heard of him myself that I am aware of. Good Luck
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    I go to a music school and I just checked the library database. It has the Fanfare you're looking for. I don't know where you can find a hard copy, but I might be able to scan a copy from the score here and email it to you if you want.

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    Hadn't heard of this composer before. Always learning from this site! Link below of DB playing the composition.
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