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Thread: David m. Patrick plays at katarina church stockholm

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    David m. Patrick plays at katarina church stockholm

    Devonshire organist David M. Patrick, now living in Norway, plays the Third Movement of Sonata No. 4 by Alexandre Guilmant on the lovely sounding van den Heuvel organ installed in the Katarina Church, Stockholm in 2000. This is one of a series of eight fascinating videos which show pictures of the construction and installation along with written descriptions on the instrument. The music on the series, which are all worth watching, is by Guilmant and Vierne from a recital by Patrick at Katarina.

    Further information on the Church and its organ as well as 92 pictures of the organ in progress and 6 sound clips may be found at Click on Instruments and scroll down to Katrina Kirka.
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    Interesting video and a great sounding installtion. Thanks
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    Living in Stockholm and seeing the flames enveloping the Church was a very sad experience for me. And having played a recital on the former instrument I am not so overly enthused by the Van den Heuvel organ. Carl Ã…kerman who built the symphonic organ that got torched in 1990 had worked for C-C in Paris. Carl definitely knew how to get "The Sound" that is known the world over.
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