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Thread: Greetings from a Norwegian Composer!

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    Smile Greetings from a Norwegian Composer!

    Greetings, dear film music community!

    My name is Eirik Myhr, and I am a composer working in the small yet productive film and tv business in Norway. Tomorrow, June 8, I am releasing my first soundtrack as a digital release, on my own label Pling Kong Recordings. Which means it will be on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and most other digital music providers.

    Tomorrow's release is the soundtrack of LILLISEED, a short film directed by the Norwegian directress (!) Hanne Larsen. The next release is the soundtrack of the feature film RAFIKI, which will be released sometime in the summer. Both are children's films/family films, and Rafiki in particular has done very well in international film festivals, like the Berlinale in 2010.

    Since there really is no market for this type of soundtrack release in Norway, and I don't have the space or time to deal with hundreds/thousands of printed CDs myself, I'm doing this as a digital release only, and reaching out to you guys and gals - and would be really happy if you gave it a listen.

    You'll find all the info you need at the label's website -! Including liner notes and, naturally, stop motion Lego clips.

    PS: We are using both the Norwegian and international titles, so that the releases are actually called "Lille Frø (Lilliseed)" and "Bestevenner (Rafiki)".

    Thank you for your attention!

    Kind regards,
    Eirik Myhr, Oslo, Norway

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    This Pling Kong video not only entertained me, as far as I could understand Norwegian,
    it inspired me, thinking of writing a song called "Lego my lover".
    I'm sorry, being Canadian, I grew up with "Log Cabin" building toys, and "Mechano" sets.

    Nice use of proper English with "directress".

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