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Thread: Debut album by AFFORESTED out now!

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    Debut album by AFFORESTED out now!

    Progressive folk rock band Afforested have just released their debut album entitled 'Surviving Remnants Of The Medieval Greenwood'. It features 12 songs of instrumental prog folk which should appeal to fans of bands such as Jethro Tull, Gryphon and Steeleye Span.
    Available exclusively to download from their website for the bargain price of £3.50 / $5.45.

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    I'm not in a position to listen, but I just have to comment.
    Seeing "Afforested" made me wonder, seeing the name as a contradiction,
    liking the thought of of a forest, but seeing "Afforested", as in forest denial.
    I'm wondering, is this correct?
    And then I see a video with a forest clearing, nice and sunny, and then the title,
    "Surviving Remnants of The Medieval Greenwood", which makes me recall that
    in England, by 1750, there wasn't a tree tall enough to make a sailboat mast.

    However, I'm thinking of my Scottish ancestors, not a part of all that, and type off,
    that's okay.
    Bike-hiking along Lake Erie later today, I'll be walking barefoot on half-dried seaweed, a bay-wide loofah.
    Yeah! I'll name my next improvisation "Aseaweeded", or "Akelping we shall go".

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