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Thread: AGO vs Carnegie Hall Question

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    AGO vs Carnegie Hall Question

    In the United States, there are two different assessment programs for pipe organ. The oldest is the American Guild of Organists certification program (, which awards the following certifications:
    • Service Playing Certificate
    • Colleague (CAGO)
    • Choir Master (ChM)
    • Associateship (AAGO)
    • Fellowship(FAGO)
    The other program is Carnegie Hall / Royal Conservatory's Achievement Program (, which uses grade levels from 7 to 10 plus an Associate in Performance and an Associate in Teaching.

    I have a quick question: How do these programs compare? If you were consolidating the two programs, where would each of the AGO levels fit into the Carnegie Hall levels?

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    It appears as the requirements and testing sessions are nearly the same in both instances.

    Carnegie Hall has partnered with the Royal Conservatory of Music on Toronto to offer the same types of 'certificates' to participants in both countries. In order to participate in the A.G.O. exams, one (I think) must be a member of the American Guild of Organists. For the Carnegie/Royal Conservatory, it doesn't appear to have any membership restraints.

    That said, I would take it that the "grade levels" of 7 to 10 are on par with the CAGO, ChM, AAGO, and FAGO requirements in that order.

    It's really fantastic that Carnegie has taken on this venture ... making it possible for more music students to participate and be awarded the honor of those playing certificates.

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    I agree AGO is/has been rather restrictive for many people who may not have time for alot of involment with their organizatioion: but that uis why they are a AGO.
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