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Thread: Classical Music of Australia

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    Classical Music of Australia

    The classic music of Australia is founded generally on its traditional culture. Such classic form continues a traditional form of the band of symphony or of the sonata. The European influence is predominant in the Australian civilization. We can say that the music folk that is clearly the traditional form is the part of music based on the European countries.

    You can say that the traditional music of Australia has two settlements; the free settlers and the convicts and soldiers community. However, a very little amount of literature of the early ear is present but a substantial amount of 19th century work still exists. With symphony orchestras into existence, the rate of composing new compositions increased. It was the ear of 1850’s and thereabouts, when classical music composers used European musical tradition as ladder to climb new experiments. European models acted as basic step during this experimental period.

    Nonetheless, in coming years, new institutes were established which worked on preserving the traditional classical music. Orchestras over all major cities turned to perform classical compositions with as less lyrics as possible. Classical music was now again the part of main flow of Australian traditional music. With the end of 20th century, many artists who were working to glorify classical music started their working in preserving it. With new musical genres into practice, classical Australian is still an essence of musical culture in this part of world.

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    I gotta admit, as a descendent of Scottish Highlanders born in Canada,
    that I have a very strong visual and sound when you say Australia.
    I see a native playing a long horn, what, a digereedo, with that deep, droning sound,
    with a sunset or sunrise in the background.
    It's a connection with the deeps, a strong, underwater mammalian frequency.
    Scientists say Scotland was first, with Australia second, evolving out of the primordial oceans.

    After that, it's "Tie Me Kangeroo Down, Sport", Kylie Minogue and Natalie Imbruglia.

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    "Classical Music of Australia"??? Is that a "Choir" of Didgeridoos of different lengths - from 24' to 1' in length - Hey!!! A Didgeridoo organ!!!
    Why didn't I think of that before...
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