May I draw your attention to a newly released album of scores with 17 pieces of contemporary composers of mainly European origin.

The title of the album is "Kölner Fanfaren" (Cologne Fanfares), and all pieces are dedicated to the Domorganist Prof. Bönig. Some of the pieces are premiered during a concert on 28th august in the cathedral of Cologne played by Prof. Bönig.

Here is a list of the compositions:
Fanfare (Franz Lehrndorfer)
Trumpeting Tune (Robert Jones)
Cha-made in Austria (Peter Planyavsky)
Tuba Tune (Gereon Krahforst)
Festival Fanfare (Christopher Tambling)
Trumpet Tune (Michael Hoppe)
Fanfare March (Harold Brtitton)
Oster-Fanfare (Massimo Nosetti)
Resurrectio (Emjott Schneider)
Entrada y Batalla (Hans Dieter Möller)
Contrastes (Daniel Roth)
Fanfare for Cologne (Collin Mawby)
Kölner Fanfare (Dariusz Przybylski)
Trumpet Tune (Bernhard Blitsch)
Batalla (Winfried Bönig)
aölla Batalla Odilo Klasen)
Easter Fanfares (Stephen Tharp)

This album is released by Dr. J. Butz Verlag, Bonn/Germany