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    Quote Originally Posted by atreu73 View Post
    If you are a composer who would like to make contact to a musician or musicians (ensembles, orchestras, etc.), singer(s) or conductors, that they may perform your music, please include as much and detailed information as possible about the work, if possible a score excerpt (or the whole score), etc. Please be specific about what you are looking for, a musician, an orchestra, etc. Musicians can then reply to your thread, and potentially a fruitful musical contact will be made!

    If you are a musician: soloist, singer, conductor, and/or represent an ensemble (chamber ensemble, orchestra, choir, etc.) and would like to make contact to a composer for commisioning a new work (or inquire about existing works), again, please be as detailed and specific as possible and include letting composers know what kind of works you would like to perform.

    Thank You
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