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Thread: The RASMUS : A band worth listening to!

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    The RASMUS : A band worth listening to!

    Its been I recently that i got deeply interested in the finnish alternative rock band The RASMUS.
    I have been following the band concerts and have a blog dedicated for it .#

    My favourite track is 'In the Shadows'

    How many of you find THE RASMUS interesting? Look forward to your reviews/opinions

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    The Rasmus are interesting. For a Finnish alternative rock band, I woulda thought they'd sing in the local language, not English.
    The lead singer looks like Jack White after he was seeing through the eyes of the crow, with hard rock tones as a band,
    but the background vocals, repetitious, wordless "uh-oh, uh-oh-oh-oh", have a more pop sensibility.
    "See me, feel me, touch me, make me high", is either an homage to The Who or very generic English.
    There are dramatic dynamics, even if the vocals smooth them out.
    This would sound good on north american radio.

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    My country men they are, surprising to see a topic in progressive rock forum as I always thought them to be very pop. They did have at least one song in out native language, but not sure if they ever recorded it.

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