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Thread: Best Source of Entertainment ?

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    Best Source of Entertainment ?

    Hello Freind this is John Adam here and i love to play games when i ever have free time i like to play online games i think playing games is the best source of entertainment......

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    I would think most of the members of this site would choose music as their best source of entertainment. The only on line games I have ever played have been card games like Bridge and Cribbage and the Scrabble word game, but I can still have music playing at the same time.
    Cheers MIKE.

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    Also, please let us not forget what might well be fast becoming a lost pleasure/art--at least in America--and that is: reading books {I don't mean "Kindle" here} in their original format of paper and ink.
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    There is nothing like opening a hardback book, be it a new tomb or an old friend. My regret is that too many of my books are paperback, because of the price. I still haunt second hand and charity shops for bargains.

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