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Thread: Wayner Shorter on Lead Guitar

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    Wayner Shorter on Lead Guitar

    Check out the poly chords at the beginning of the second guitar solo.


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    Uh-oh! Oh no! No, no no... aw, trucks of shucks.
    Just when I invented deeper harmonics for electric guitar, yes, very inventive,
    and redefined Fender Stratocaster design to a two octave fretboard with two extra octaves for the G, B and E strings,
    playing like Nicolo Paganini to John Coltrane, trying to be the first rock virtuoso,
    you're typing that Wayne Shorter is putting out lead guitar?
    I liked him starting with early Miles Davis, saw him with Weather Report, yeah, working with Jaco Pastorius,
    and consider him one of the finest sax players I've ever heard.

    This is serious competion for me. No, no, I can't listen right now.

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