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Thread: Please help me to identify this soundtrack (or music)

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    Please help me to identify this soundtrack (or music)

    Hello everyone, one week ago i heard an amazing music (i think this is a soundtrack) from an Italian documentary but i was not able to find what soundtrack or where that music came from. Could anyone help me please? I'm going crazy with the idea of finding what music it is . (in case of errors, sorry for my english).

    This is the link and the music starts at 2min 48sec and ends at 6min 03 sec

    Unfortunately there is also the voice of the speaker but please try to follow the soundtrack.

    Thanks to everyone for the help.

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    Hi ... and welcome to the forum

    Most music for these kinds of films are what is called "original music". Basically, what that means is that the music we hear was created just for that film or documentary by a professional musician hired for the task by the producers. Original music doesn't always make it to any soundtrack or ever gets onto a CD for publication.

    The reason for "original music" is primarily cost. To use an existing recorded orchestrated work, royalties would have to be paid to all the musicians who helped record the work ... that and copyright issues with a known published works (obtaining a license to use the music) would be cost prohibitive and/or illegal in some regions.

    Although the piece being played may sound somewhat familiar, it most likely was a one time creation by a professional musician, and was never published.

    Kh ♫

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    I hope you wrong, if it is like you just said i will never know the title and i will never listen the entire music.

    Anyway thank you for the answer.

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