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Thread: Looking for Name of Song

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    Looking for Name of Song

    Ive had this Song in my head for over a year now, and yesterday i found the song was played here: between 17:40 and 17:45 in the background. Sounds like some kind of movie soundtrack to me. Does anybody know what this is?
    sorry for my poor english

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    Hi ... and welcome to the forum

    No soundtrack was ever made for the music for this series ... there isn't even a song list for any of the episodes. In movie lingo it's called "Original Music" composed and recorded by a musician hired for the particular task.

    Although the piece may sound familiar to some people, the chances that it is an existing composed/performed piece are almost non-existant. Because of the extreme costs involved in getting permission to use the known piece, and/or dealing with copyright issues, it is far cheaper for the movie studio to hire someone to create new music for their film.

    Kh ♫

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