Hello, i`m new to this forum but i like to stay for a while.

Since my sound evolved from only electrofunk in the beginning to Breaks/Electro and now i`m totally into Drums with synthesizers in all variations.

So, if you wanna have a listen to my new track go ahead.


I have track names implemented so it will be easy to find.

I change my setup in the beginning of 2013 and focus more on the live aspect, i`ll see what i can do.

My vision is to create a sound like Pink Floyd`s improvisations at the end of their tracks, only with synths and drums and samples. (I know that the swamp creature does not sound like that though)

I know it`s a hard goal but i will try.

In the meantime if anyone has some bands or Solo artists for me that are playing the music i am heading for i would be thankful.

I only found one guy called "Sebastian Arnold" from Berlin he is playing live Drums and synthesizers but his music is a little too happy hippy for me, but it`s nice to find atleast something.

More input would be appreciated.

Thanks, in advance and i hope it will be a nice time here.