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Thread: Feed Your Jazz Improv Hunger With Mike Longo

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    Feed Your Jazz Improv Hunger With Mike Longo

    Not getting enough live jazz in your diet? Not getting out to concerts with solid, innovative, jazz improvisation that takes you to new places never heard on a record? Missing the excitement that jazz fans experienced in the good old days in nightclubs and concert halls where jazzsters took solos into outer–space and back, and each musician pushed the others forward?

    No problem. Just check out the new live piano-trio recording by the Mike Longo Trio called A CELEBRATION OF DIZ AND MILES. This is improvisation of the top magnitude, and is especially interesting because they are translating classic horn-led large-band tunes into the new territory of a piano trio. But listen to how Longo pulls those classic melody lines onto the ivories and makes them fresh all over again in countless new ways. And there are plenty of solos from his partners – bassist Paul West and Ray Mosca. This is an on-stage jam session that will rock your socks off or swing your rings round. Here tiz the real thing. And you do not even have to pay for parking.

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    Any chance of a taster Lillian?

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    Yeah! It sounds good to read about it!

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    I think you will have to make do with just that John
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    Great choice, I have a few Mike Longo records. He was very good friends and musical collaborator with Dizzy Gillespie.

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