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    State Urge

    ‘What Comes Next?’ is the debut EP from very young Polish quartet STATE URGE. They have managed to incorporate the classic Pink Floyd elements and repackage them with a youthful slant. Though there’s a hint of latter-day Marillion…

    In Marcin Cieslik, STATE URGE have a competent musician whose guitar work is exciting. His voice is also worthy of note and certainly plays an integral part. Michal Tarkowski is providing key instruments (piano, synths, Hammond organ), bassist Krystian Papiernik performs fluid runs, while drummer Marcin Bohenski contributes a strong framework. Overall, they produce a reach sound, dreamy and magnificent. This is kind of a music that can rival in terms of composition and songwriting. Well done, guys!!/muzyka/

    Visit State Urge’s website to order their EP, because despite its short length, ‘What Comes Next?’ is a superb release. With 3 tracks spread out over 22 min, there’re distinct sections and swimming melodies.

    State Urge-state-urge-jpg

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    This would be so much better with a better English translation.
    "State Urge" sounds better as "State of Urge".
    Typing "State Urge" is telling someone to say the word "urge" out loud,
    and I can't imagine that being the thrust of a new progressive rock band.
    "State of Urge" could mean coming from an urgent place, where everyone has an urge,
    or be a military state of urge emergency, what could be making these boys jump up already.

    These guys don't look very young. Very young is four year old Chinese guitarists playing classical compositions.

    Saying the guitarist is a competent musician but an exciting guitarist simply doesn't make sense.
    Being competent means being barely able to get by, but exciting is close to being a virtuoso.
    Saying his voice is worthy of note might sound good in historical terms, but is it worth only one note?
    Being of note denotes an era. Is he noteworthy, as if others want to write about him?

    I can see why you would say the keyboardist is providing key instruments, but that's not saying much at all.

    Saying the bassist plays fluid runs isn't hot for any bass promotion. Fluid runs are nice,
    but holding down the bottom end, getting deep in the groove, being in the pocket, are far better, if also cliches.

    A drummer doesn't hold a framework. It takes more than one instrument, or side of anything, to make a framework.
    You should try to describe your drummer the way his girlfriend, or girlfriends, do.

    If, within your own local, in your own country, you have risen as a professional band, enough to think globally,
    please, don't let a bad translation be the window the rest of the world looks at you through.
    Are you the Polish band who did "Sugar Beet Beat"?
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    State Urge are currently in the studio finishing their first full-length album 'White Rock Experience' to be released soon.
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