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Thread: Do you think that this is good?

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    Do you think that this is good?

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    Sorry I don't think it is good music.

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    Thank you for the feedback Eric, it's always appreciated. Honestly is a virtue! Just curious - what is it that turned you off? The slow pace? Vocals? Ambient style? Synthetic drums? I like to always consider other people's advice when I go to create my next song or video.

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    Very pleasant and relaxing. Interesting photography. Don't stop 'till you get enough.........

    Pining for the South of France

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    I typed a semi-lengthy commentary, while I was listening and watching,
    getting into the whole production, but I don't see it here.

    My mistake! My commentary was in "new members introduce yourself", not here.
    The video is the same, if you care to see my commentary there.
    I got ambitious. Here it is.

    Listening, I like how the music had a seemingly percussion transistion,
    while the rocks colour dissipated and refocussed as clouds, nice.
    I'm still here, thinking everything is very textural, washes of sound,
    until the piano started emerging, with some two hand work.
    Hearing those "dit dit dit dittas" reminded of Mr. George Benson,
    when I saw him in 1970, when he was scatting along with his guitar soloes,
    before he started singing songs on albums. The idea is here.

    If you don't mind a little helpful suggestion, not criticism,
    have you ever heard of "Level 42", their big international hits on the radio?
    You might think the singing is very subdued, even monotone,
    even just singing along on the beat with the drummer, not emotional.
    But it's the bassist doing the vocals, and he was progressive with an extreme
    slapping and popping style, driving the whole band.
    I'm seeing you as getting into too many instrument sounds,
    and getting into recording and videos as much as developing your musicianship.

    All of your nature scenes are harmonious for me, as a Niagara Peninsula Canadian.
    Thanks for this meditation, during a hectic Friday afternoon.
    And in case you're wondering about my output here today, for you,
    I'm typing as much because I'm borrowing a computer that has sound,
    getting into the technology for free, myself.
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    Loved what you've done here, but the video lags a bit on youtube, but playsproperly when downloaded.
    Good work, keep it up.

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