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Thread: Back again

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    Back again

    I am back, sorry for such a long time to write, I was previously bonh-101,
    but I had to re-register so now I am bonh-102.
    I said I was going to tell what I saw here in Italy.
    Actually the Vatican!
    I went to the St.Peters Basillica and the Sistine Chapel and I have pictures
    of the organ from the sistine chapel.
    I saw THREE organs today and got to listen to one of them. The one in the sistine is a "cabinet" organ? It looked like a big box until I got close to it.

    I got to sit directly next to it, I looked at the specifications and it had a mutation, a Rohrflote, A larigot, 2 Subbass at 16', the others I didn't know.
    The other organs were in the basillica and I couldn't take pics of them, but you could see the pipes, and the console,

    It's late so I will write later,


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    I am looking at schools(colleges) for organ, and organ composition
    do any of you have suggestions for which may be better of schools?

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    Hi Bohn-102,

    You want a good school for learning organ and composition?

    Go to:


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