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Thread: Can anyone tell mel what this genre is? world, rock? help merci...

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    Can anyone tell mel what this genre is? world, rock? help merci...

    friends please tell me where can I find this music, can anyone suggest any other music like this?

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    Sounds like Pink Floyd, with an Arab influence

    Pining for the South of France

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    I was waiting for someone else to tel mel what genre this is,
    but I'm sitting by a computer with sound so I'm going to comment.
    teddy is right, even though saying Pink Floyd is more about the production values than music,
    I think.
    Last night I watched a German movie, Hello July, something like that, where the characters went to Turkey.
    The music sounded the same, but had a more authentic tonality and energy.
    This reminds me of the sountrack to the first Hulk movie,
    where the Hulk grabs tanks in the desert by their muzzles and tosses them around.
    That had an Arabic sounding modality with modern rock studio production.
    This guitarist should have started out with at least one drone string,
    before he got into sounding like Return to Forever or The Mahavishnu Orchestra.

    This is a nice strategy, if that's what it is, asking others if something else sounds the same.
    That's what I might do if I thought I had some original music on my hands.
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