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Thread: Lines on leaving

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    Lines on leaving

    (Nicked from a model railway forum)

    "I'm going" she said, "I've just had enough,

    Fed up with your model trains, all that stuff.

    I can't stand the signals, the trucks, every carriage,
    The platforms, the posters, they've scuppered this marriage.
    You no longer love me, you just do not care,
    I doubt that you'll notice when I'm no longer there".
    She picked up her suitcase, she could stand it no more,
    Stepped over the track and went out the door.

    He blinked, blew his whistle, took a small sip of tea,
    And set up the signals for the 4.23.
    Cheers MIKE.

    How many roads must a man walk down ... ... before he admits he's lost?

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    Went round a few years ago to see a friend who's wife had just left him. They lived in a two up two down cottage. Upstairs there was a bedroom each side of the landing. The whole top floor (both bedrooms) were taken up by his layout. One was a marshaling yard the other was scenic. Four tracks connected them across the landing.

    Strange woman walking out on him.

    Pining for the South of France

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    Aren't they all, Mike and Teddy, aren't they all.
    Whatever floats your boat May your reach always exceed your grasp

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