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Thread: Opinions please.

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    Opinions please.

    Heard one of these renditions of Rameau on

    Do they "work" on this instrument? I've heard them played on piano and was not too impressed compared to "original" on harpsichord, these however I'm not sure if the "squeeze box" sounds right in this context, I've heard it used in jazz and after the initial "what the" reaction it's OK.

    I note both performers are Russian perhaps CD can enlighten us as to the popularity if the instrument in his country. (and maybe some translations )
    Cheers MIKE.

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    I've listened to the first post - then realised the second post is the same - damn thing would not stop playing even after I closed it down- so you can guess I did not like it.....................

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    Beautiful, just beautiful.
    And it was enchanting to watch, the motions needed to work the accordian matching the dynamics.

    I wouldn't be so intent listening to an accordian if Walter Ostanek wasn't a great player and friend.
    He's a three time Grammy winner for best accordian album.
    Listening to him explain got me whistling not just out, but in and out, making me jazzy with it.
    Walter is news around here right now, finally retiring after his heart attack a few years ago,
    selling his hometown store to Canada's biggest music chain.
    I'm not sure what he's doing with his recording studio, radio station and television studio,
    the corporate person he is.

    What I liked the most here was a few early notes, drawn out with a lifting of the arm flourish,
    sounding like a violin.
    I'm sure that this pair of computer speakers with this borrowed system don't give me all the bass,
    or I'd think it would sound like a cathedral organ, if she wanted it to.
    This is the reed thing.

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