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Thread: The Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program’s

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    The Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program’s

    PRESS RELEASE : 11/04/06
    The Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program’s European Summer Intensive
    • The Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program (PNWFS) in conjunction with Napier University, Edinburgh (Scotland), are pleased to announce that course registration for their two week film summer intensive led by Hollywood composer Hummie Mann (double Emmy award winner) is now open. The course, held at Napier University’s Ian Tomlin School of Music, runs from Monday 21st August to Friday 1st September inclusive.
    • Learn from a master composer of the Hollywood sound. Credits include:Composing - “Dracula; Dead & Loving It” [dir. Mel Brooks], “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” [dir. Mel Brooks], “Year of the Comet” [dir. Peter Yates], “After the Rain” [dir. Ross Kettle], “Cyberworld 3d” [animated Imax] Orchestration - “Speechless” (for composer Marc Shaiman), “Addams Family Values” (for composer Marc Shaiman), “Sister Act” (for composer Marc Shaiman), “Diggstown” (for composer James Newton Howard), “Prince of Tides” (for composer James Newton Howard), “Misery” (for composer Marc Shaiman), “Mystery Date” (for composer John Du Prez), “Jetsons: The Movie” (for composer John Debney) Co-Producer - “Sleepless in Seattle” - also orchestration (with composer Marc Shaiman), “Mr. Saturday Night” - also music supervisor/co-producer of album [dir. Billy Crystal], “A Few Good Men” - also orchestration (with composer Marc Shaiman).

    Specific Course Content in Bold
    • Course Content: Week 1 - Film Scoring 1, Electives - Contemporary Theory For The Modern Composer, Sound Recording - Pro-Tools (Editing, Recording, Automation, Effects).

    • Week 2 - Elements of BOTH Film Scoring 2 & 3, Electives - Creating Sample Realizations With The Garritan Personal Orchestra, Sound Recording - Introduction To Surround Sound 5.1 Mixing & Recording, Actual Recording Of Instruments (Both Ethnic & Orchestral Family).

    • Full details of the content of Film Scoring 1, 2 & 3 and registration details of the course can be found on Pacific Northwest’s website at:

    • Hummie Mann’s website which contains details on all past and present film projects can be found at:

    • The Napier Ian Tomlin School of music can be found at:

    For enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact Ged Brockie in the first instance on :

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    What an excellent press release! Thanks for posting that, Scottie!
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