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Thread: Gospel style Electronica Remix!

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    Gospel style Electronica Remix!

    Thats a mouthful, right? Well, I invite you to get an earful of my remix for the band How To Destroy Angels. Theyre hosting a contest which i entered (I'm currently in second place) and if you like what you hear, I'd love to have your vote!!!

    So yep, listen and vote if you wish here:

    LINK ----->

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. Tried to open your link but it vame up blank???????????

    Pining for the South of France

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    Would love to hear this... can you fix the link?

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    I'm getting a grey Indaba field too, but that won't stop me.
    Gospel Style Electronica Remix?
    Right away, that brings to mind all the promo about soul, r'n'b and singing in the choir, gospel.
    Commenting on my own references, that's soul, rhythm and blues and singing in the choir,
    all having a spiritual, soulful, or emotional release, with heavenly hopes.
    "Sister Act", with Whoopie Goldberg, was my last electronic remix of gospel and soul songs,
    one of the songs performed making me cry, hearing how the secular became spiritual.
    "The Four Seasons" and "Switched on Bach" as recorded with synthesizers could have been my first electronica remixes.
    Just watch and wait for my next electronica remix, adding my guitar sounds and voice to Frederik Magle's "Like a Flame".
    This upgrade should cause enough musical inspiration amongst members to inspire a chorus,
    a chorus of complaints about me, maybe being the first member asked to leave because of wrongful harmony.

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