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Thread: Anybody know what score/music this is?

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    Anybody know what score/music this is?

    Anybody know what music is being played from 0:40 to 1:20 in this fanmade trailer? I would greatly appreciate it if anybody could help me out with this; I've been looking everywhere for this but no luck so far. Thanks in advance!

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    Hello aj. Nothing I recognise although it sounds familiar. probably made specially for the film

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    Sounds vaguely like Trevor Rabin's Remember the Titans. Can't say for certain but I would try that or look around his other scores.

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    Vague is a good word to describe it, hearing it as more of sounds effects than a composition.
    However, it did sound like slowed down parts of "We Built This City" by Jefferson Starship.
    If this was Trevor Rabin, this would be the sound of his equipment being turned on,
    if his roadie was pushing around a lit keyboard.

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    I can see Trevor Rabin doing a Titan composition, as in ancient Greek gods,
    but wasn't "Remember the Titans" about an American university football team?
    Maybe he likes pom-pom action too.

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    That is a piece by Steven Jablonsky. It cs called "My Name Is Lincoln" and it is from the movie The Island

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