Led by the multi-instrumentalist/vocalist David Burr who’s accompanied by female singer Jody Dietz, STORM CHRONICLES present us with a debut release ‘Looking Backward’. All songs on this CD intertwine with each other creating a rich landscape of light and shade. The material has depth and diversity, the delivery is fully confident. Two very talented musicians demonstrate the combined strength: David Burr does a hypnotic job throughout, there's a superb cohesiveness about his interplay with the colorful voice of Jody Dietz. Try to imagine a collection of seductive tracks in the vein of groups like Fleetwood Mac, Starship, Heart, Cutting Crew, Tears For Fears; whilst progressive elements are somewhat evocative of Pink Floyd… Now you get the idea.


I cannot think of any valid criticism on this intelligent, superbly executed album - except my personal opinion that David didn’t sing enough. But apart from that: ‘Looking Backward’ is one of the major revelations in 2013, for sure.

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