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Thread: Anybody here know the name of this song?

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    Anybody here know the name of this song?

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    That is not a song it is not even music just a noise, my cat makes better music!!
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    that's not too bad - depending of course on what the rest of the piece is like.

    I have no idea who/what it is. When people post things like things, I wish they would give a bit of background, i.e. where did you get this clip. Was it part of a movie soundtrack? Something you heard on the radio? if so, what kind of radio station?

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    This reminds me of soundtrack music,
    where the movie is over and a theme returns, accented with heavy drums and bass,
    traditionally, where the cinema audience would be starting to get up and go.
    When it gets quiet, that's when the music that proceeds to the end comes in,
    while all the credits are rolling, oops, scrolling.

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