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Thread: Wang Hongwei performance..Beautiful scenery and unusual instruments.Folksong I think

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    Wang Hongwei performance..Beautiful scenery and unusual instruments.Folksong I think

    ....To play only what is written is the domain of science. To realize what is not written is the domain of art."
    - Jean Langlais

    I wish you the Best for each day, now and always.


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    wljmrbill! I see you as not being that demonstrative about your music commentary,
    so I had to look and see what you were going on about so enthusiastically.
    I'm thinking you're saying folk song because you're hearing authentic, native instruments,
    with a man singing in a language you don't know.
    Could this sound symphonic or operatic to you?
    They certainly are trying hard to blend with a European audience,
    even down to the fluted, Romanesque columns and shots of audience members.
    I thought using the totally sequined mandolin from the Elvis estate was too American.
    I can't imagine what it must have been like, being a master musician in the orient,
    having five notes to your scale,
    and then white people show up with twelve tones,
    with people from India having a changeable sixteen and more.
    Nice embroidered jacket.

    A local experience.
    When I'm out on a long distance bike-hike, going through Niagara Falls,
    I like to go in-city to see the bright lights and check out the crowds,
    especially the action around the new casino.
    There's an elder oriental man who sits at the bottom of the first driveway,
    on the sidewalk just around that corner,
    playing a one-stringed instrument that looks like the first instrument shown in this video.
    This is around and after midnight. I always go past to park my bike and sit to listen,
    a very nice rest stop for me. I always give him a couple of dollars.
    A few times, I've stood to walk with a group leaving the casino,
    talking loudly about being able to lose cash in a game,
    but not leaving any for a great musician who is trying to earn a tip.
    That got him some group donations, even if they didn't stop to listen.
    The first times, he just looked over to say thank you.
    But the last time, he stood up, coming over to me, saying he would like to play a song for me.
    He went back and got into it, using his fingers, using his bow, and I even think he got his sash into it,
    a very satisfying musical event for me.
    Now my sitar imitation also has an oriental bowing sound happening, sometimes,
    finding some new blues after hearing someone paying some heavy dues.

    You are welcome to think John, you're typing too much. You need to get a life.
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