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Thread: KLVR Session-Frederik Magle - Improv. romantic a piece

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    KLVR Session-Frederik Magle - Improv. romantic a piece

    Alittle wine,a candle and fireplace and this and you are set.

    ....To play only what is written is the domain of science. To realize what is not written is the domain of art."
    - Jean Langlais

    I wish you the Best for each day, now and always.


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    The first thing I'm realizing as I hear this companion piece to the previous improvisation,
    is hearing how, not emptily, but how deliberately the playing begins.
    It makes me realize how much you have to leave yourself some space to build upon,
    even if you're not sure what you're going to be playing.
    All my years of commenting here, and listening, are quickening me here tonight.
    I've heard the compositions, the symphonic recordings, still my favorite and only music forums,
    but having the as-yet-untitled Frederik Magle share his improvisations has penetrated my musical mind like no other.

    All I can do here is encourage other members to pronounce Frederik Magle's name properly,
    something I wasn't doing all this time. I'm saying it more and more over here.
    I phoned the Danish embassy in Toronto to learn Danish pronunciation, before I said his name in a video I made.
    Frederik has a linguistic accent, but is pronounced as spelled.
    But Magle is pronounced "mau-la", as the embassy assistant spelled it, me adding mau as in wow.
    That's totally appropriate, not an ordinary wow, but a wow beginning with Frederik's M.
    Hey! As a Watt I get into that!

    Wonderment, oh wonderment, I hear you now, and it makes me wonder.
    Abandon me, so I can act with abandonment.

    As far as the wine and candles,
    I've got a little bowl of cherry jam a local farmer sells at the market,
    more suitable as an ice cream topping,
    mixing in some walnut pieces and dried cranberries.
    What's romantic for me is using the spoon I discovered while helping workers
    at the restoration of the home of Alexander MacKenzie in Queenston Heights,
    turning it into a provincial museum.
    He brought over a printing press, now working again, and led a revolution
    against the rich families who dominated Ontario, calling it the Family Compact.
    Other locals were killed, he had to flee, but he became the first mayor of Toronto,
    and Ontario became Ontario and Quebec became Quebec.
    It was very rusty, the ivory handle pieces cracked and earth stained,
    their excuse for letting my volunteer efforts not go unappreciated.
    I just washed it with mineral spirits and use it as is, second time this year.
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