My second piano concerto, (as all my works), can be found on I believe it's only necessary to hear the first page or two to know what's going on.

Since 2001, I have composed an average of one symphony or concerto per year.....and there's plenty more to come. The volume of output is 'explained' by my having started rather late in the day, and have a lot of catching up to do.

When I have managed to solicit reactions, (by email), they have all been positive: but now, as emails generally it seems, are less likely to be responded to, [and as I know that my chances of being performed are about the same as those of getting a book published - .0003% {!}], I have put my works out on Sites such as: Musicians' Page, Classical Matters, Load.CD, Score Exchange, and about 20 other Sites.

A bare handful have been opened: no contact has been made.

My wish is simply to make my music available, especially as I understand from the few contacts I have made, that it is "palatable".

While I'm pretty competent on the music-making front, I am probably somewhat naïve in the self-promotion department. My question is, can I do more or other, to try to solicit reactions?