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Thread: Strange notes

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    Strange notes

    I've noticed on a few record tracks, most, if not all, of keyboards, that there is often a note which seems to dominate when played, (not the same note on each track) I don't have perfect pitch but they don't sound out of tune to me, they just seem to resonate or otherwise predominate. Has anybody else noticed anything similar? Any explanation?
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    Could possibly be the 'resonant frequency' of the particular instrument, stage or hall.

    I've noticed that most churches have resonant frequencies that accentuate a certain pipe on the organ - in my church it is the low D flat on the 16' Bourdon pedalboard - it seems to like the room better than the other notes around it.

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    Here is an interesting thingamajig when Mendelssohn visited Fingal’s Cave he was impressed with the reverberation which has since been measured at 4 seconds by contrast the average concert hall is only 2 sec but St Paul’s Cathedral is 10 sec.

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    Yeah, I loved being in St Paul's for their Evensong in 2010. Got to sit in the chancel where the choir normally sits.

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