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Thread: Is this part of a Soundtrack?

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    Is this part of a Soundtrack?

    I would be greatful if someone could help me to find out if this
    is part of a soundtrack and if so.. WHICH one...

    it is a stupid video but from 7:20 - 10:00 is a background-track i really like.
    Sounds like it could be from a movie....

    Epic Song i cannot identify!!!

    PLZ help


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    More than likely it's "stock music" ... scored specifically for the commercial and never laid down on a soundtrack recording. This is typical for these kinds of situations as using an existing musical work would require licensing fees, royalties to all the musicians, royalties to the composer, royalties to the owner of the copyrighted music, etc etc. That cost gets very expensive and runs into the millions of dollars.

    So, the advertiser will hire a musician who specializes in this type of work, creates the music just for the commercial, and thus remains copyrighted from that point forward. It is seldom, if ever, recorded for eventual soundtrack resale, and/or finding the originator of the music score is next to impossible.

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    Well ****....

    I feared that.
    But than again. This could have been done with software, but there is some... "singing?" in there.

    Maybe someone else has a clue.

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    Oh no! I think I recognize this, seeing a body-builder I heard about,
    who starred in a movie, "The Man Who's Arms Blew Up", something like that.
    The movie Manimal is better.

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