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Thread: Looking for a song

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    Looking for a song

    Hii ,, I'm searching for a soundtrack i've hear in a movie

    movie's name : Into the wild minute 00:43:00 ==> 00:44:00

    aand sorry for my english

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    Your english is perfect I ususally use Tunes.Zone to find soundtrack from movies.
    Not sure what song exactly do you mean, but try to find needed song here: Into the Wild Soundtrack

    Hope this will help

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    Another source is where it shows that two (2) films of the same title exist, but the later one (2014) is a documentary and has no soundtrack listings.

    The 2007 version shows the following for its soundtracks

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    Krummhorn! Considering I'm in for a few days, getting over an illness where I'm not coughing or sniffling,
    this soundtrack link sounds exciting.
    There was a movie I saw when I was younger, Richard Widmark playing a Viking looking for a golden Bell.
    The music when the boats emerge from the waves around the reefs and rock, looking like an ocean storm,
    coming into safe harbour, has always been a favorite.
    When I got older I realized it reminded me of Coltrane's "Giant Steps" and Jimi's "Third Stone from the Sun",
    both a majestic movement of melody.
    This makes me want to find another song from this era, when I was in grade three, late fifties.
    Frank Chacksfield and his orchestra with "Victory at Sea". I love music that paints a picture.
    That's probably why I like the as-yet-untitled Frederik Magle so much. Hey, I said like.

    I found the movie list for Richard Widmark and found the title, "The Long Ships"
    Tunes.Zone had some of his movies, but not this one.
    You Tube shines again...
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