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Thread: TINKICKER, TINKICKER, kick'em up again

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Right now, if we were jamming,
    I'd start with this Am.
    Low E string, fifth fret. A string, third fret, D, second fret, G B and high E as drones.
    With feedback, the lower notes define the chord and the drones become active with effects.
    I know, I know, some musicians still think you have to strum a chord to play it,
    and not let a chord get carried away into the tone zone all by itself,
    for a no rate echo eternity.
    This is the week I want to be back,
    putting up an acoustic vocal version of the first song on your CD.
    And please, it's no longer just teasing when you're saying we could jam.

    The Daneland sea creatures I'm seeing are either human looking, more like mermen and mermaids,
    or are just big, pointy nailed hands and pale blue arms reaching up to grab you.
    There are still what local Mohawks call "beautiful Mohawks", around Fort Erie.
    I've only spent time with one.
    A beautiful Mohawk is a native whose ancestors never drank the white man's fire water,
    alcohol mixed with opium, or caught European diseases.
    When I called Mohawk friends to say I saw a beautiful Mohawk late one winter night,
    and he visited me in my apartment, they asked me how I knew.
    I said I saw a native sitting outside on this freezing snowy night,
    dressed only with track pants and a sweat shirt with no sleeves.
    He wasn't shivering. He looked at me, and the tear that came out of his eye stopped,
    and it glimmered like a jewel on his cheek. I would have given him anything I had.
    He didn't say much, a strange non-verbal conversation, only asking for a couple of cigarettes,
    and how I got the two eagle feathers I have taped to a cupboard door.

    I said I had two friends who sold, living side by side, and a light should be on.
    One friend, totally tight with his weed and ciggie sales, looked at this beautiful Mohawk,
    and said can I give you some for free. And then he gave him some more.
    And then he offered to cook him a meal.
    This young man got up and walked out. I followed him to see where he was going,
    but he was out of sight already.

    Now I've been asked to visit the Mohawk friendship center in Fort Erie,
    and discuss this event with a Mohawk chief and warriors.
    A Mohawk bassist I played with a long time ago asked me about that.

    It's more than nice when unexpected wonders balance out the horrors.

    Before the white man came, natives had a North American communication system of shouting.
    A Chief, shouting from the hills below Lake Simcoe, north of me,
    could have a message travel to the mouth of the Mississippi and back in four days.
    He could turn and shout across the top of Lake Ontario to the start of the St. Lawrence River,
    in four hours.
    Those natives talk about taller white men with red hair and metal helmets and axes,
    who built a boat and travelled down the Mississippi, people they didn't want to fight.
    They know of a grave of twelve red-haired men, all between seven and eight feet tall.

    If modern life more than gets you down, our beautiful natural history can pick you back up.
    Either that, or I'm still waiting to see Jimi Hendrix again, knowing he'd want to go two guitars.
    I had to pamper myself. I moved my big Panasonic Cinematic, projection TV into my studio,
    having a friend help me lift it up onto a small table I bought, using a 2x4 to slant it forward and down.
    I'm using a Sears folding deck chair, nice to grab onto for gravity assisted chiropractic workouts,
    and sit up front, the sound coming at me louder than before.

    I installed my own deadbolt and got special permission to not give a key to the property manager.
    That could have got me evicted, but government workers intervened.

    Oh yeah! I grabbed a new DVD from the library, a new Metallica, uh, movie length music video,
    and got right into it, the first time Metallica did that for me, even if seeing them in short hair is kinda weird.
    I recommend that, catching a new guitar move from their new bassist,
    walking down low, letting the guitar rest on your knee, aggressively moving towards someone.
    You should see what happens when the camera goes into the arena backstage during warmups,
    and passes by the room where the bassist is. That really got me going.

    Type type type, talk talk talk, when I've still got some unused notes and chords from 1978.
    You're a good friend Soren, now I want to give some back.
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    What I said about pampering myself, electronically.
    I was talking to my northern Newfie friend who has an Inuit grandfather,
    and a weekend Flea Market, really big,
    telling him that I only switch my Altec Lansing speakers to my computer if I have to.
    When I got going about wanting to listen more to help put up one of your songs,
    and get into it with musicians who want to start a band,
    he showed me some new computer headphones and let me owe him $15.

    A new bassist, finally, who wants to get going uses two bass cabinets,
    both with four tens and a fifteen. I hope a band works out soon.
    He's also willing to humpback me up on bass,
    using a bow to make marine mammal sounds to go with mine.
    When I was deep in my poisoning, I answered the phone and talked stupid.
    I didn't know I lost my online and could have lost my entire account and telephone number,
    but generous action by COGECO employees, a media sponsor for me, unexpectedly,
    saved everything. When I say I'm back, that's a big part of it.

    Please, let me take advantage of my own posting to get into some North American adult pop talk.
    I've come up with an idea that could make me wealthy in a global market.
    A Michael Jackson custom light switch for your home.
    There's a brown, suggestively shaped finger switch, sticking out from a Rolling Stones,
    "Sticky Fingers" album cover inspired back plate.
    When you want to turn it on, you switch it up, Jackson.
    When you want to turn it off, you switch it down, Jacksoff.
    If you go for your own disco lighting effect, flicking it up and down,
    it becomes Jackson Jacksoff, Jackson Jacksoff, just like real life.

    It might be time to put in this movie, yeah,
    about a young female German country singer who is invited to Nashville,
    only to have flight errors take her to Jamaica, when she can't afford to leave.
    Sun sand and musical fun, it looks like a good one.
    "Almost Heaven", a film by Ed Herzog, distributed by Mongrel Media.

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    TINKICKER, TINKICKER, kick'em up again-surface-jpg TinKickers rehearsal room, with a view to the sea creatures... here it is the sharks !!

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    TINKICKER at the Wall of Sound
    TINKICKER, TINKICKER, kick'em up again-love-loud-jpg

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    TINKICKER certainly knows how a fan can be fanned up into a fantasy!

    Ow! I went through three 50 watt and eight 100 watt Marshall heads,
    but I haven't been in the same room with a stack since the early nineties.
    Literally. I should never have sold my last one.
    I am calm, but for me, it's the movie volume I'll be pumping up tonight.

    Okay, I just took a quick pic of what my amp looks like, in pieces.
    The foot-switch on the right is something I made.
    The plywood is what I put on the floor to work on it in my apartment.
    And those Ernie Ball strings are there just to tease Soren.

    TINKICKER, TINKICKER, kick'em up again-amp-jpg

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    Nu Zeln
    Quote Originally Posted by John Watt View Post

    He's also willing to humpback me up on bass,
    using a bow to make marine mammal sounds to go with mine.
    I don't follow John I have heard of humping but nothing to do with Bass, also how is he using a bow??
    I don’t want a signature any more

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    JHC, you are too refined and dignified a musician to know,
    but with loud volume, you could rub a string against your crotch for a huge solo.
    I quit carrying a slide to use on guitar, preferring poor and one-dimensional slide sounds,
    finding that rubbing my guitar against mike and drum stands was more stage worthy.
    If I'm using my guitar for effects and singing very high, thinking marine mammal sounds,
    having a bass humpback me up is a reference to Humpback whales, a deep musical reference.

    You know, despite how friendly TINKICKER and one of their guitarists, Soren, is,
    he's still shoving himself up in my face in front of that wall of Marshalls,
    and pushing his band and elaborate rehearsal studio at all of us, and yes,
    it is a worthy effort.
    That's why I put the disco ball in there, just to push back at Soren.
    I betcha as much as Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin saw Russia from Alaska,
    that Soren isn't doing some disco dance moves, or r'n'b struts, like I dos.

    Hey Soren! Even with smooth and soft r'n'b or jazzy tones, or a feedbacking guitar,
    I could hold the headstock out and lift my pick arm up in the air,
    swinging my hip side to side to hit the guitar in beat, letting that make the chord ring out,
    doing verses or choruses that way, kinda dancing with the dance floor.

    I could also, playing traditional one-chop raggae rhythms in an island of Dominique band,
    hold my pick hand out in front of me at shoulder level,
    and use my hip to swing the guitar up in front of me, flicking my hand to strum it,
    keeping that in time for a verse or a chorus, also getting me stage front time,
    which was really tough in that Toronto Caribana Best Parade Band prize band.

    Yeah, I know TINKICKER, and Soren, know all those Straplocked guitar moves,
    even if their Straplocks aren't 1970, pre-patent Straplocks, like mine.
    I know they know Marshall,
    but they didn't own a Strat and Marshall with effects, for over eight months,
    while Jimi Hendrix was still alive, or hear how he set them up with his PA.

    You know, I could almost get confrontational about this,
    demanding Marshall stack time, crying to get past security into the rehearsal studio,
    tearing off my shirt and pants to prove my real rock stardom,
    maybe even be willing to sit down and play, someone else's right-handed guitar.
    No. I've never done that, sitting down to play. Why even say that?
    Look at what this is doing to me.
    Maybe playing piano a lot lately has turned me into an over-sensitive rock diva,
    ready to take a dive-a, even with the shark, if TINKICKER kicked me in.
    Here's a photo of the fish stank in my studio.
    I'm not afraid of this big blue fish, I brought it in alone.
    Too bad I dropped it, having to drill holes and use wire like stitches,
    probably better copper than the wiring in Tinkicked guitars.

    Hey Soren! I heard that this long nosed, yellow-bodied one-spot Loner Fish,
    shares primal evolutionary DNA with you.
    and... and... look at that, the blue fish ate the disco ball already!

    TINKICKER, TINKICKER, kick'em up again-fish-stank-jpg

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    May 2008
    "There's a new Marshal' in town"... hahaha! ... We were laughin' hard taking this pix... a lot of people just out of the shoot... , and as you can see
    I really wanted to take that Marshall bak' ome....
    I may be a Loner, and share history with the sea cretures... but I do'nt see Yellow as my colour..

    Keep on dancin' the night away... !!!

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Hey hey hey! Despite all my Marshall madness,
    I never heard there's a new Marshall in town. Nice!
    It was usually about being stacked, your amp and girlfriend.

    I'm glad you didn't ask about the bird in my photo.
    It's still getting it together after a long flight over the ocean,
    from Denmark, and wants to fly back right away.
    Your wife sent a message just like in days of yore, a banded bird.
    I'm not seeing it as personal, just like my own left-handed love,
    from someone who looks like they need some left-handed action,
    the kind of fretting fingers only I can move.

    Backstage with band members, talking with the women,
    I would always say take your pick,
    but that was more about using my Fender Heavy thick.
    This trans-Atlantic action, a flight over the ocean,
    is starting to straighten all of my string tension.

    yeah... I thought it was a good thing...
    going small-scale in my old age.
    It's not how many frets I have, 26 on my upper E string,
    it's how you play with them....
    Looking at this last box of Fender Heavy thick picks,
    ordered from Fender in California, almost playing on empty,
    I can see more than the thick pick of my time is coming.

    "And in this case my yellow is not so mellow,
    as a matter of fact, I'm going to say it's frightened like me,
    as all these visions of euphoria dance around me,
    and take me up to see a rainbow like you,
    and I'm bold as love, yes I'm bold as love, just ask the axis,
    he knows everything" guitar solo
    Jimi Hendrix
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Soren shared a personal email with me, and mentioned Tom Scholtz.
    Here's what comes out when you plug that name into me.

    I was playing in a hard rock and pop rock road band, 1976 or '77,
    with a little funk, the summer "Play that funky music white boy" came out.
    Lotsa Deep Purple, also the summer Peter Frampton hit it big, doing some of his.
    We were in a paper factory community, Marathon, north of Sault Ste. Marie.
    All the remains of volcanoes, the uneroded stacks of the interior lava,
    sticking up out of the water like vertical islands, huge and forboding,
    made the view very unusual for us Niagara Peninsula boys.

    It was a nice afternoon, where I was hanging out at the community center,
    putting quarters into the juke box, enjoying the Lake Superior view.
    One of the waitresses said they all liked this new song, could I play it.

    I remember this song more for the way it made me feel,
    and how it sounded. Boston, and I can't remember the song title,
    even if I can go through the entire song in my mind.
    The guitar seemed to jump out of the jukebox, a new quality of sound,
    and the singer was singing high without being a vein-popper or nut-buster.
    I know symphonic vocal members here will identify with sore lower lips.

    Tom Scholtz was an electrical inventor for Kodak in the disUnited States,
    and kept some inventions for himself, quitting to start recording and a band.
    He used a '58 Les Paul. Kodak sued him after Boston hit.
    Can I even think of anything for another Boston song? No.
    Def Leppard, as produced by Mutt Lange, came out with the same sonic depth,
    especially the drums.
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    Stan and Oliver.... they knew ...
    TINKICKER, TINKICKER, kick'em up again-loudernharder-jpg

    stay safe !!

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Hey Soren! What am I doing, not only thinking about TINKICKER,
    but thinking about you and your Viking ancestors,
    while I'm out on long distance bike-hikes around the Niagara Peninsula.
    Yes, even here, you can call it Vineland.
    Wild grapes are the best.
    There are vines hanging down from trees like huge ropes, twenty, thirty feet,
    able to use them to swing around.
    This photo was taken along the recreational path along an abandoned canal.

    TINKICKER, TINKICKER, kick'em up again-174-jpg

    And not to be uppity, but Olliver has two l's, also being Ollie.
    And it's too bad they never had a CD player.
    You must be giving away free hamburgers at your concerts,
    if they're showing up.
    You're getting "Wimpy" with me.

    Wimpy was a depression era character in the cartoon "Popeye",
    wearing a beat up black suit, white shirt and bowler hat,
    always saying he'll work tomorrow for a free hamburger today.
    He was also always zonked out like a walking drunk.
    You can decide why Popeye the Sailor Man's girlfriend was called Olive Oyl.
    No Betty Boop "boop-boop-a-doop" involved here.
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    May 2008
    the Idea of Vinland is connected to my history... my ancestors.. vinland is everywhere , also here in my own garden...

    my thoughts today go to europes biggest Vinland France...
    TINKICKER, TINKICKER, kick'em up again-make-riffs-not-war

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    May 2008
    Enjoy the Yuletide... stay safe TINKICKER, TINKICKER, kick'em up again-merry-christmas-jpg

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    This year these two men have been working together for 30 years!
    Through the years they have -
    composed approximately 300 Songs
    had 5 singers/5 bass players/3 guitarists
    5 CD's released in 52 Countries...
    3 "Album of the Year" Nominations
    4 Drumkits/7 rehearsal rooms
    3 of them destroyed by floods, 1 by fire
    Played gigs in 4 different bands
    ... enjoyed ourselves and have made No comprise!
    TINKICKER, TINKICKER, kick'em up again-30-years-anniversary-name

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