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Thread: TINKICKER, TINKICKER, kick'em up again

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Wow! This is the one posting that made me stop and wonder, and think.
    My life has been the exact opposite.
    I got into playing guitar to escape criminal attention in Welland, when I was 21.
    That meant being a lead guitarist in country-pop bands in Niagara Falls and Fort Erie,
    the big bucks, house gigs, mostly about the tourists and cross-border Americans.
    When I got playing full time and moved away from Welland,
    I can't remember half the names or band names of gigs I've had.
    I was sponsored in a residence in Toronto by the electronic professor of York University.
    Even though I write songs and only sang my songs as a folk house acoustic guitarist,
    I never played one onstage with bass and drums or in a recording studio.

    Having a musical partner is very special, and the best way to be.
    I did what I had to do, to stay alive, and that's not exaggerating.
    If you look at
    you'll see that the most popular musicians who kept working in Welland,
    and around the peninsula, died a long time ago. Look at "drums" and "bass".
    I'm putting that up now as a social commentary,
    and intend to change this domain to music and my semi-solid-body,
    if I ever finish it and pick up on band offers I still get.
    Involvement with police helping me today is now my main business.

    I'm going to look for an old newspaper article, not about a musical partner,
    but the only bassist I ever worked with who played lefty like me.
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Okay Soren, I had to use a new photo of me, in my TV persona.
    This is the only online photo of me as now.
    That's Paul Weaver playing lefty bass, a gig in Port Colborne, 1984?
    And that's me with Ben Hewitt (Smoky) and Mark Pendergast on drums, 1977, Niagara Falls.
    We played as a trio, always getting top dollar, with many northern wedding requests,
    for over a year and a half, my longest gig by far.
    Mark's mission on drums was to make us laugh, and he always did.
    Smoky signed at the same ceremony with Johnny Cash, bein'rockabilly,
    and still caught royalty cheques from around the world.
    Smoky was a Mohawk who was a sheriff in the N.Y. state Onandaga reservation.
    When he sang the national anthem, Danny Boy, Amazing Grace,
    grown men and women would stand up with their hands on their hearts, crying.
    And that wasn't enforced bilingualism.

    Smoky used to be a lead guitarist before he had a motorcycle accident,
    and played such a bass heavy rhythm style we didn't need one.
    Smokey Robinson, Janis Joplin, even Smoke didn't know how many songs he knew.
    Bassists would sit in the audience with their guitars, hoping.
    And that's all they did. Their girlfriends too.
    Smoky hunted me down twenty years later, to sell me his '58 Les Paul as offered back then.
    We had a nice visit, but I couldn't buy it just to chop it up, or for parts.
    He sold it through an L.A. agent to Slash, showing me a letter two weeks later.
    A '58 Les Paul Sunburst, with case, strap, receipt and booklet.
    Whenever I had a venue to myself for an afternoon,
    I'd beg and borrow Smoke's guitar and hit it through my Marshall stack.
    Duane Allman, Jimmy Page, Santana, Johnny Winter, they were all in there.
    I'm still out here.

    Hey! I gotta think this is global too.
    Mike Smith, the Trouble Clef drummer, worked at Sam the Record Man in Welland.
    Neil Peart's first wife was the manager, and Mike was his cousin.
    No Rush was involved. We caught our own.

    TINKICKER, TINKICKER, kick'em up again-pics1-jpgTINKICKER, TINKICKER, kick'em up again-trouble-clef1-jpgTINKICKER, TINKICKER, kick'em up again-smoky-jpg
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    Nu Zeln
    On your page you mention the St. Catharines American Federation of Musicians Union, now the mention of a Musicians Union took me back to the early 60s in the UK, if you were looking for a gig for say a Sat night all you had to do was to go to a certain Hotel on a Sat morning and 9 times out of 10 the Union reps would fix you up with something, not an earth shattering bit of information but just one of those things that you remember now and again.
    I don’t want a signature any more

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    great john , rockin' it out... Lefty in action :-) and nice to see you , kinda !!! :-)
    we are recording vox at the moment, testing our singer's mental Health haha! , going through the lyrix and the motions...
    concept albums are a long and satisfying... journey... if the circle with be complete in the end .. i't starts as a lonely process , and then you share it
    , band starts the journey, and hopefully , it will end up TINKICKER, TINKICKER, kick'em up again-tinkicker-vinyl-jpgwith some great music...

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    May 2008
    Sometimes music rocks the World and makes friendships from another World, another planet , another country, another... yes the list is long...
    Thanks john, your message was well received and we do dig in to it... this is what it is all about... no hat'ers ...sharing... and trust...

    a big thank you , to our Brother in the Canadian Woods... from TINKICKER, still here in the land of fairytales and seacreatures...

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Soren, and TINKICKER... yes, sharing the music, hearing you and your band CD, plus graphics, makes us more than end users.
    I was feeling like an end user, your end, until I could send you something back.

    BUT.... I'm not your brother in the Canadian Woods. Please, think of me as your waterfall friend, Niagara Falls.
    There are no waterfalls in Scotland, engineers coming to the Niagara Escarpment that has a cliff and valley below,
    where Brock University is now. After building water-fall concrete tubing, they built the first generator there,
    that still lights up the valley, they went to Niagara Falls. Once, with friends, we climbed down the new tubing.
    My fathers father and one of my mother's brothers became Bridge-masters in the new Welland Canal.
    My fathers father, when my father was one, fell off a bridge, hit his head, and hit the water unconscious, drowning.
    With friends and heavy tools, we unhinged a DeCew Falls cliff-side door and walked on the pipe, with flashlights,
    until the pipe went straight up and we had to go back. We put the door back on. That happened a few times.
    That was like having a pipe path through blasted rocks that were turning into an underground cavern.
    I have an old Ontario Hydro wool blanket from one of the homes they supplied for managers.

    The entire Niagara Peninsula has many new and old shipping canals, hydro canals and raceways,
    feeder canals to carry water across and into the peninsula for new and old canal locks,
    that whole farming area that Dutch people built with big irrigation ditches,
    and all along the escarpment, there are waterfalls everywhere, if you stop to find them.
    There are old quarries all along the top, easy to get at rock, filled with rain or drainage water,
    warming up fast in the spring, nice for swimming.
    The Niagara Gorge, those huge white waters, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie beaches,
    it still could be the paradise it once was, except for one view everywhere you are,
    looking at the United States of America. That's just one bridge too far.

    If you can be fairytales and seacreatures, I can be pixel pixies and waterfall features.
    Don't forget, I like to walk around the top of the Falls, just a big moving field of water,
    and it's not me that's getting taller, it's the water that's getting lower.

    This is so nice, it makes me want to do it again right away, but I'm not good at right away.

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    Hi ! John from the Falls... Here we see Canada as a country of big Woods, we love the Woods here , but our country is so small, ok... you get the Picture...
    anyways, we don't have any falls , at least not to show to some one who dances on the rim of Niagara falls... 'eres a pix we call Nocturnal sounds ! from our studio..
    "but i'm not good at right away!" ... I hear you... we hear you...
    TINKICKER, TINKICKER, kick'em up again-nocturnal-sounds-tinkicker-studio

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    I didn't have to be listening to The Cup of the Lord and the Wine of the Demons,
    to be having TINKICKER thoughts today, walking in a cold wind on a grey day, loving it.
    I knew I wanted to come up with a real reply to your thanking me for the package,
    because as time has gone on I've found more reasons to thank you.

    It was a real, and deep surprise, when I received your CD. A musical gift.
    But as TINKICKER has become part of my life here, it changed my online attitude.
    It made it more real for me. Not only am I seeing beyond all the font,
    I'm hearing the music behind it, a kind of activation of online emotion I never would expect.
    These five years of my first computer use, just typing about music, now seems very feeble.

    This made me trade away 70 DVD movies, what was building up in my apartment,
    because they were just background visuals and sound that now, did nothing for me.
    I found some of my old musical heart, wanting to hear the radio,
    not only to hear what other people are listening to, but getting into new tunes.
    No-one has ever called me classic rock, or just an old man out of touch.
    Everyone still gets off on my singing and playing and moving around,
    but I've just been updating old songs, the last new song being "Crazy" by Gnarls Barklay.
    If you knew how many times I did "Maneater", "Whole Lotta Love", "Speed King" and "Little Wing",
    as original, as disco, as raggae, as acoustic on other people's porches, wow, I forget.
    Now I see my life as becoming a recurring style, not having players who push me,
    who make me come up with original songs and sounds and moves.

    It's not easy for me to listen to your CD. It's heavy, it's driving, it's emotional, and it's not just a solo act,
    something I could emulate. It takes more than one person to be TINKICKER.
    Today, in front of an influential crowd, I found myself putting down Neil Young for the first time.
    He is loved around here, a constant performer up until "Needle and the Damage Done".
    His father was a sportswriter for a local newspaper, his entire family well-known.
    Sure, I talked about someone I truly admired from those days, Bruce Cockburn.
    But his acoustic talent and abilities aren't something anyone else can do easily,
    so you don't hear his songs being done around here. I had to stop and regroup.

    It got quiet, so I just started singing a Neil Young song, like he did, super slow, super high,
    super stoned, "I heard about the knights in armour coming, from the yellow shade of the sun,
    there were bullets flying, and soldiers dying, all around the chosen one.
    All in a dream, all in a dream, the loading had begun, flying mother nature's silver seed,
    to a new home in the sun, flying mother nature's silver seed, to a new home in the sun".

    No-one said a word. How I was singing was obvious.
    I asked, has anyone here been picked up by that spaceship that was coming,
    saving you? Did poking that silver seed in your arm make your life better?
    Hearts were opened, and minds were changed.
    And being the bad man I am, if I had a guitar I would have done "Southern Man",
    just because some Americans were present, ending with my own verses as "Northern Man".

    The Niagara Peninsula, with the Niagara Escarpment, is a land of great lakes and waterfalls.
    Too bad it's part of the American border. After today, new people are fighting back.
    Not that anyone said Neil Young should come back from California. He left in the early seventies,
    famous for driving a black hearse.

    All Hail TINKICKER, kicking up reasons for my life.
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    Summer kick'in in , over our ol' country... and thanx to our Canadian friend... we have new strings attached and picks to match...
    Hot town , summer in the city !!! friend.pngTINKICKER, TINKICKER, kick'em up again-hot-town-jpg

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Soren, oh no, I've made a quickie You Tube video playing acoustic guitar,
    just for another guitarist, but I'm putting it up here because it represents a new start.
    This parlour guitar came with anodized copper strings,
    but I took them off right away and put some Ernie Ball 10's on.
    Hey, they're the only strings I've used since 1970, and I can play all day,
    having a deep feel for the strings and springs.

    Looking at this now, at the end,
    I should have picked up the camera and walked towards the light,
    turning it to swirl it a little, and gradually lose it, looking into the yellow.
    I hope I don't wake up tomorrow and regret this.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    My second duplicate post in two days, and it's been years.
    I've got to move this new pen-holder offa my clicker table.
    Time for some photos of the new Niagara Falls.
    This isn't a light show that changes, it's always changing,
    getting to be a hot florescent mess from such an overwhelming view.

    TINKICKER, TINKICKER, kick'em up again-nightfalls1-jpgTINKICKER, TINKICKER, kick'em up again-nightfalls2-jpgTINKICKER, TINKICKER, kick'em up again-nightfalls3-jpgTINKICKER, TINKICKER, kick'em up again-nightfalls4-jpgTINKICKER, TINKICKER, kick'em up again-nightfalls5-jpgTINKICKER, TINKICKER, kick'em up again-nightfalls6-jpg
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Well, and that's from Welland, one video led to two more, trying one and replacing it.

    This is about working a song out to jam with a friend when he visits this summer.
    Now, I made a very weak video, in almost every way, except for a chord I'm sure almost every guitarist alive doesn't play.
    Yes, this could be the start of a global, six-string chord challenge, and you're number 2 here, Soren.

    I grew up hearing this song, the biggest hit of the post-war years,
    They say you should take it for granted that saying "play Misty for me", was what Rick would really say in Casablanca,
    I think.
    I'm hoping to generate a new You Tube activity, like country artists used to be like in the States.
    There could be women having answering songs for men, men for women, religious for honky-tonk.
    I posted this, typing about it, under five other guitarists who have Misty out there, so we'll see.
    Playing it as Amaj7, makes the high and low chords flow with the lyrics, for guitar, more than any other key.
    Part of this could be players making videos of them playing along with the computer. I'd do that.

    I know you'll probably back off, thinking I don't want to play a left-handed guitar upside-down.
    Neither did I, at first. Picky picky, picking on you.

    And as I've been typing, previous technique and evolving techniques, are available for future updates.
    I'm definitely the first "Play Misty 4 U".
    That means I'm waiting to see "Play Misty 4 U#2".
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Europeans, especially northern Europeans!
    I'll probably have to riff offa some Bach.... yowza...

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    when I'm tired, and my fingers feel Soren,
    and I'm not playing as good as I could,
    I'll just see if I've got a song for singing,
    thinking if I want I can knock on his wood.

    yeah, my guitar doesn't like your guitar! Righty!

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