Hey guys,

As the title says I am looking for a soundtrack to play in the background of play I'm going to perform in. And I spent alot of time looking for a suitable one on youtube ... but couldn't find a satisfying one.
These are some information about the play and my preferences of soundtracks :
1- The soundtrack is going to be played during a scene in which the victim ( a pupil studying with his teacher in the teacher's house) is going to be semi to fully hypnotised (the play talks about how students are getting turned into machines that have no will). And the teacher will be holding a knife and teaching the student how to pronounce th word "knife". within about 30 secs - 1minute the teacher is going to kill the student.
2- So : I want the music to be calm but with some "suspense" at the beginning, then the "beat " is going to rise up slowly and just as the teacher kills the student the rythme is going to rise really quickly.

Thansk for your help guys