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Thread: Constant hum/note in many movies

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    Constant hum/note in many movies

    This has been bugging me awhile, and I hope I've finally found a place where someone might know what I'm talking about.

    In many movies and shows, there are scenes that have a constant hum/note as the background music. Depending on the instrument and the note being played, it can give the scene a peaceful, or intense, or eerie feel. Usually it's either a violin or organ making a single note, which does not stop, or change pitch, but is just kind of a constant hum in the background.

    Does anyone know what I'm talking about? How can I find this kind of "music" or ambiance as I'd like to use it or something like it in videos that I produce. I suppose I could just record a single note on an organ, but I'm wondering if there's a resource online with this kind of background music available recorded professionally.

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    I've heard these too, at times, as you mention. I think they are intentionally added as an attempt to keep us interested in the scene being shown. It seems to add another dimension to what we are seeing, so that we are drawn in even more to the scene as it unfolds.

    My analogy to that is that when watching a movie we are able to 'see' with our ears as well as 'hear' with our eyes.

    Welcome to our forum, by the way. You do pose an interesting question here and hopefully others will join in this topic.
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    Glad I'm not the only one lol. As common as they are, I'm wondering if this type of thing has a name? Something along the lines of "ambient tone" or "constant theatrical hum"?

    Any idea where I can find a collection of such tones? I've searched places like, but can't find a directory for this sort of movie background noise.

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    This was used in NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. No music was used in the film at all but I believe they used a temple bell to sound a continuous note

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    Yes it is commonly used to capture the 'intense of moment' - this is how I would call it
    When I'll just find some I will let You know.. Actually nothing comes to my head now but I'm sure I heard a lot of that ones.

    Kind Regards.

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