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Thread: What's the difference

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    What's the difference

    --- if any, between a symphony orchestra and a philharmonic orchestra, is there a difference in instrumental line up, or is it repertoire? Then there are Concert orchestras, I get the impression that they may tend to play some music other than pure Classical.

    Personally I can't say I've noticed a difference.

    Bands do seem to be better defined, brass, military, jazz etc, but then there is the Hanover band which is an orchestra.
    Cheers MIKE.

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    You know the difference Mike but I will play along, Symphony and Philharmonic same thing apart from name so a big orch say 135 musicians the other end a Chamber orch say 25-50 max, then there is "La Petite Bande" of which you will be well aware started by Sigiswald Kuijken and I hear it is in financial difficulties about 20 musicians. they have produced some fantastic recordings so I hope their government will keep up some sort of support. Sorry for going a bit off topic.
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