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Thread: Year of the Dragon - Funeal March??

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    Year of the Dragon - Funeal March??

    Hello friends,

    does anyone know the title/author of the funeral march that is played at the beginning of the movie "Year of the Dragon"?

    The movie starts showing the funeral of a chinese boss and during this funeral, while the procession is going on the street, a band plays this funeral march that I really would like to find about.

    I looked everywhere and I couldn't find anything
    Does anyone know what song is it?

    Thank you!

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    The listing of the soundtrack for the movie can be found here.

    Not every music piece for every movie makes it to the soundtrack, mainly for copyright, musician royalties, and the like.

    It's possible the Mahler piece could be the one ... but not having seen to movie, I am only guessing.
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    I checked the songs in the link you provided, but the march is not there.
    I also found the CD with the soundtrack :
    but the funeral march is not there either.

    It could be like you say, they didn't include it in the soundtrack, but I won't give up yet, trying to find the title and author of the song.
    I even tried with Shazam in my phone, with no luck...
    Thank you

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