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Thread: Bosworth Edition No.11

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario

    Bosworth Edition No.11

    Bosworth Edition No.11-sonatas1-jpgBosworth Edition No.11-sonatas2-jpgBosworth Edition No.11-sonatas3-jpgBosworth Edition No.11-sonatas4-jpgBosworth Edition No.11-sonatas5-jpgBosworth Edition No.11-sonatas6-jpg

    This is a major find for me, but it is a Welland story, as you will see.

    Both Book 1 and Book 11 were there, in a new Christian benefit shop across from the new City Hall.
    Yes, even though Welland is heading towards bankrupcy, the new major who parachuted in decided
    Welland needed a new city hall. Across the street, there are now four buy and sell and used shops,
    with crackhead apartments in between.
    At least once a week, I like to stop in at St. Vincent dePaul, a Christian charity storefront managed
    by different church groups, because someone donates nice books, big books, what would be reference
    books for me, if I was doing an artwork.
    I saw both volumes and got excited right away. Sure, they are definitely old, but it's music and it's Beethoven.
    I took both volumes up to the counter where some staff was talking, and showed them, talking about them.
    I didn't know these church people, they didn't know I donate, and they didn't hear my talk about being
    Scottish and the Holy Bible, something some Catholics there don't like to hear about. Some do.
    They said $2 each, and I didn't have four dollars. I asked if they would hold them for me, but no layaway.
    I found Moonlight Sonata in the first book, showing them that, saying I'll be back when I have the money,
    and that's me walking, thinking when I come downtown again. When I went back two days later,
    there was only the second book. I'm still hurting a little for that.
    I went back last week to talk with someone else, showing him my book, telling him if the pair was together
    it would be far more valuable as a sonata collection. Felix Mendelssohn arranged the sonatas in the order
    of difficulty to play them, so if I was a pianist with a choice of books, I'd probably pick number two. is still the only music forums I look at or log into, for over five years now.
    So if I'm going to show this book and offer it to anyone who is a serious pianist, it's right here and right now.
    I'm going to leave Krummhorn a message about this thread, hoping to get his appraisal.
    It's incredible to see this music. "Deviating modulations as cadences", yeah, I'm not working on that myself.
    I do know "Rinforzando", maybe the story of my life.
    Please, any new information would be exciting.
    And if you excite my synapses, more than the font will flow.

    Etwas lebhaft und mit der innigsten Empfindung, as if.
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    Nu Zeln
    Looks like a good find John some one here will know of them, also interesting was something I have not seen before in that if you click on the picture (which usually makes it bigger) you get an individual pic of each page so you have created a sort of montage, you are a very clever man, respect respect respect respect etc
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    Tucson, Arizona
    A nice find indeed. To find such a book in this nice of a condition is pretty rare. It is so sad that they sold the other volume as they would indeed be more valuable as the pair (a set).

    I am not familiar with the edition.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    I came here to reply to myself, this book is bringing such joy into my life.

    JHC! Wow, nice, nice compliment, but not as nice as the natural montage of your backyard.
    I took more photos towards the back of the book but I could only upload six.
    I could use my scanner but the book is bigger. It's not marked or written in at all, just very old.

    Krummhorn... I left a private message and asked for your comments and appraisal,
    so I'm happy to see your reply. You're right about both editions being together.
    I went to St. Vincent dePaul again today to show them, volunteers from a different church,
    and I'm going to take it there every day this week in the hope the person with the other is there.
    I can only blame myself if you want to think of it as losing a monetary windfall.
    When I first saw the books, I showed them to staff, showing them what they had,
    and even found and pointed out "Moonlight Sonata", saying it's all Beethoven's sonatas,
    as produced by Felix Mendelssohn, an original edition from Germany.
    I was even saying the history of piano is here, turning away from harpsichords.
    I could have gone next door to a store I had a job doing window lettering for,
    to borrow $2. I could have gone to the store on the other side, another customer.
    It was afternoon, I could have gone to TD to take out $2.
    But I only had $2, both books were $4, and, uh, I'm not a pianist.
    When I went to the library to get another movie, right across the street,
    I went back in and bought the book that was there. I gave them $5.

    Today was different. People heard about me walking around Saturday, showing it.
    I've been walking past this music lessons sign every day going downtown or coming back.
    A nice little sign in front of a nice old house, very well maintained.
    The gentleman inside invited me in to show him the book.
    He had a huge console organ with Bose speakers, and a grand piano in his living room.
    He said he was working in a church in Scarborough, and had a pic of him and the mayor.

    He said he'd like to play something for me, and I asked if his feet were fast.
    This man was a beautiful player. I just stood behind him to be in the middle,
    closing my eyes, hearing the sound moving all around me.
    I told him about, saying he should be a member here, and he took the address.
    And then he played me a fast fast foot solo, and then he played the keyboard with it.

    But Krummhorn, if there ever was one musician I've met in Ontario who should be a member,
    it's this man, and I think he's worth a special invitation, not that mine is worth that much.
    Showing the book, seeing and hearing this gentleman, makes finding the book worthwhile.
    I said if I wanted an hour lesson for myself as a Christmas present,
    how much would you charge, and he said $50.
    If anyone can listen to me riff out in Cm and show me things to elevate my playing, it's him.
    I was lipping off and he's saying John, I went to university for music, I have a doctorate,
    something like that, I was looking around so much.
    So I'll be sending him a thank you email and hoping to see him here.

    Robert E.A. Anderson, street address and home and cell numbers,

    As I was walking to buy a pop, a woman on a house balconey called me over.
    She said she was Scottish, after we got talking, so I showed her the book.
    She also said she has a friend who is having a crisis of conscience,
    about being Scottish and Canadian, and they want to take me up north to meet him.
    A McGoogle, a clan you don't hear of very much.
    Having "googlee-eyes" is over 2,000 years old. This woman took me to her friends' music studio,
    all of us getting into the book and I was listening to them talk about their music.

    So far, no-one has asked me how much, what's it worth, nothing like that, nice, very nice.
    However, now that I know what I have, what the pianistic qualities are that make these sonatas historic,
    I have an idea.

    If I don't get to put both books together, having one is nice, but it's not a complete set.
    I'd be thinking about wealthy Arabs or Asians who want to own a piece of European history,
    or a university in Ontario, or a conservatory. Does the Beethoven Museum have them?

    I've been typing on, and always got a huge thrill when Frederik Magle replied.
    I've been trying to put together the money to buy "Like a Flame",
    thinking it's not worth it to send overseas for just one CD, so I'd want to order more.
    I spend so much time, get such a deep influence, and see comments that move me,
    plus Corno Dolce being there for me when my life was dangerous and I was only hurt.

    So if you've got the ear of Frederik Magle, Krummhorn, even you JHC,
    if I don't come up with the other one, could we have a trade?
    What I hear on Like a Flame is music I want to try and recreate with my extensive electronics,
    and inventive guitar, the semi-solid-body, that has harmonics that fly off the frets, and strings.

    It hurts, it hurts a little, knowing I had both books in my hand and it's only my fault I don't have both.
    Here's the remaining photos of the back of the book.

    Bosworth Edition No.11-sonatas8-jpgBosworth Edition No.11-sonatas7-jpg

    JHC! What you said about the photos enlarging got me thinking,
    wondering what inspecting the element meant,
    while I was trying to delete the two extra photos.
    And then "developer tools" came on. I see this as dangerous to the domain.
    That's the easiest way to cause domain problems, call it a virus if you will.
    Clicking on photos and seeing the codes is something you don't see any more.
    All you have to do is delete a few characters, or type some new ones in,
    and it begins to degrade the electronic viability of the entire domain.
    You can be drastic and immediate, or let it take it's time, undetected.
    If I was going to try and play one of the Beethoven sonatas in this book,
    I'd white out every fourth note so I'd have a chance.
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    When I'm sad, Beethoven came to me,
    and with a thousand notes, his sonatas rescued me,
    and as I see all these expression definitions out of sight,
    with all this music that can last all night,
    play on my pianist friends, and do some Beethoven,
    until the music, Leider ohne Worte, become songs without words,
    and so publishing from the past that came overseas,
    drifts across these shores, as pianists slip into Beethovens' sonatas, eventually.

    as always, John Watt

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    Nu Zeln
    Beethoven has remained my favourite composer for more years than I choose to remember, and you have prompted me to have a LvB evening starting with the "Moonlight" I have a few artists performing this work but to night it will be a choice between: A Brendel and M Pletnov, then a symphony followed by a St Qt a couple of glasses of red, what more could a man want.
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    to JCH : when I need relaxing I like to play the "Moonlight Sonata" among others
    ....To play only what is written is the domain of science. To realize what is not written is the domain of art."
    - Jean Langlais

    I wish you the Best for each day, now and always.


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    Quote Originally Posted by wljmrbill View Post
    to JCH : when I need relaxing I like to play the "Moonlight Sonata" among others
    Bill, I am not a pianist or even a piano player, just one line at a time that's my type of instruments well apart from a bit of double stopping that is, but I bet that it is a hard sonata to play well and yet the experts make it sound so simple.
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Oh, I wish I had the first volume to scan Moonlight Sonata.

    Not to be nasty, but I figured out the beginning on guitar as a teenager,
    playing it with a '64 Stratocaster through a 50 watt Marshall head and eight ten cabinet,
    with some phasing, slight distortion and reverb, soft, floating a little with warm tones.

    It was rainy today, and the antique shop kept me busy.
    I'll be showing the book around and going back to the store about volume one.

    Moonlight Sonata, not what Beethoven titled it, I know, has a strange quality.
    You would think it's meditative, but it has a strong, one note at a time feel.
    The bass notes could hit like bass notes, but they seem to lead the melody like a chord.
    Not moonlight, I feel he's deliberately taking one step at a time while his mind is occupied,
    and he's walking to the water or to a forest, and then nature rises up around him.

    ""deviating Modulations as cadences", I think I've got that down with my tremolo arm,
    but only in descent, with return uprisings.

    Hey hey hey... what am I doing, let the music show itself.
    I'd be willing to say he's a versatile composer.
    The pages are wider in reality, just how my camera works.

    Bosworth Edition No.11-page1-jpgBosworth Edition No.11-page2-jpgBosworth Edition No.11-page3-jpg
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    Hi John,

    I'd love to send an invitation to the Canadian organist, but we (admins) are prevented from doing so via email.

    You can, however, invite him to join, giving him our URL.
    Kh ~~.

    Amateur musicians practice until they get it right ...
    fessional musicians practice until they can't get it wrong ...

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Krummhorn! When I visited I talked about the domain,
    saying that might be the best part of my visit, telling him that.
    After I posted here about him, I sent him a thank you message,
    and the link, saying I mentioned him here, hoping it was okay.

    Now I'm going to phone him and ask if I can go to church with him in Scarborough,
    saying I'll chip in for gas.
    The attention the book is getting, carrying it around today, is getting to me.
    It makes me want to be more of the action, so, for the first time,
    here are some free-release photos of scot-free me,
    now just another word in the Canadian dictionary.

    The opportunities I have mean I'll be cutting the hair and beard soon.
    I'm the off-season Santa, only working one minute a year.
    If you want the red eyes to go with the red nose,
    you have to party with me and Rudolph.
    And no, I don't want someone else's children sitting in my lap.
    Don't worry, Krummhorn. We all know you're a good boy.

    The first person I saw outside, a middle-aged woman, took the photos.
    The first is an action shot, my favorite.
    The second is a goalie position, and it's a save.
    A friend in B.C. who has a huge pro sports gaming association in the U.S.,
    will get this one, his friend being Bernie Nichols, an NHL goalie.
    The third is me making a t, a cross, out of the square on my cap.
    My father, when I was fifteen, took me downstairs to talk about Scottish history,
    showing me his googlee-eyes, and saying he'll order a Buchanan cap.
    My father got the Highlander cap where you can raise a black section,
    meaning he's there as a Highlander who could take your life.
    I'm still not hot on hats, and said I'll wear a baseball cap, thinking school.
    My father left it for me after he passed away.
    I say the red is for the blood,
    and the white cross with the pure white square,
    is the light of the lord.
    You can say the t in Watt is a cross, in stereo,
    just like the two V's that make W.

    I think trying to stick me into the middle of this Beethoven sonata,
    is some kind of flagrantini deploravity of sordinettatissimo.
    I might write a cadenzazorro and stick that in your stand.

    Bosworth Edition No.11-pics1-jpgBosworth Edition No.11-pics2-jpgBosworth Edition No.11-pics3-jpg

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    Nu Zeln
    Crikey O'Riley John not only a whiz with the camera but a good looking joker and no beer belly you put me to shame daddy xmas.
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    I am the off-season Santa.
    It's a different world when every woman and child are smiling at you.
    And no-one has ever offered me milk and cookies.

    The only thing I can think of adding, for purient font interest,
    is the explanatory page at the back. A scan of a photocopy.
    I'm up for a discussion of "deviating Modulations as cadences".
    Gloria, the owner of the bike shop, said cadences is a cycling term,
    explaining that, a rotation thing. Hmmm!

    Somebody should have told Mendelssohn that preface means at the start.
    Maybe he and Gutenberg weren't getting along.

    Bosworth Edition No.11-page-jpg

    I dropped my camera a few times, losing width, making me look thinner.
    Look at the bricks behind me to see how the camera curved them.
    This camera has samples it uses to create and enhance the light capture.
    When I take a photo looking down Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls,
    looking towards the darkness of the gorge after midnight,
    the camera goes so far down the street and then curves them to meet,
    everything looking natural, trees, hydrant, just not really there.

    JHC! I'm seeing Mohawk recipes for various alcoholic drinks made of local growth,
    from my old, Ontario Harvest recipe book, that has a Niagara Peninsula section.
    Do you know any Maori recipes for your trees?
    Let me remind you, the famous "fire water" wasn't a complicated recipe.
    You diluted and spiced rubbing alcohol and added opium.
    Traders. They weren't called day traders back then.

    I'm going to add a photo of the woman who was holding the camera.
    She thinks she looks skinny too. So do I. Lynne says hi. She loves the book.

    Bosworth Edition No.11-pics-057-jpg
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    Nu Zeln
    A fine figure of a woman.
    Maori recipes for my trees ??? I don’t know John as far as I know they did not eat trees but there is a tree called ’Tea Tree’ its correct botanical name being Manuka this is an excellent burning wood and they probably used it when they were cooking the Pakeha for lunch.

    Tea Tree.

    Bosworth Edition No.11-leptospermum_scoparium_24-jpg


    Bosworth Edition No.11-men-puny-opinionatedmale-com
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Wow! This book is a gift that keeps on giving.

    It was appraised at my favorite book store as being manufactured before 1870.
    I traded it in, and before I left St. Catharines I got this beautiful, hand-made coat.
    You can see how longer, and how brighter, the tartan is, compared to my other jacket.

    Adam, one of the antique store owners I work for, said hey, this is for you,
    and gave me this Mendelssohn book, I've been talking about him so much.

    "Volkslied, O wert thou in the cauld blast".

    "Oh wert thou in the cauld blast,
    on yonder lea, on yonder lea,
    my plaidie to the angry airt, I'd shelter thee".

    This almost sounds like my Scottish grandparents speaking English.
    Bay-an-uck let, blessings on you.

    JHC! Trees to please!
    The vitamin content of spruce beer is on par with orange and tomato juice.
    "This cheap and wholesome liquor is thus made:
    take of water sixteen gallons, and boil the half of it;
    put the water thus boiled, while in full heat, to the reserved cold part,
    which should be previously put into the barrel or other vessel;
    then add 16 pounds of treacle or molasses,
    with a few tablespoonfuls of the essence of spruce, stirring the whole well together;
    add half a pint of yeast and keep it in a temperate situation,
    with the bung hole open, for two days, till the frementation be abated,
    then close it up, or bottle it off, and it will be fit to drink a few days afterwards.
    It is a powerful antiscorbutic, and may prove useful in a long sea voyage."
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Bosworth Edition No.11-coats-jpg   Bosworth Edition No.11-oct2015-201-jpg   Bosworth Edition No.11-oct2015-204-jpg  

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