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Thread: Johannus Intonat software

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    Johannus Intonat software

    Has anyone had experience with Johannus Intonat software?

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    I have been using Intonat 97 v 3.2 to work with my Johannus Opus 10 AGO/USA. I find that it works extremely well. I have an old IBM ThinkPad 240 running Windows 98 that does nothing but sit near the organ when I want to tweak something. It is extremely easy to use, and comprehensive.

    [Edit] All the adjustments below except the Default reload are separate for each intonation. I must change a stop note volume separately for romantic and baroque. To me this makes sense.

    With it I can
    - change the volume of each note of each stop of each intonation (romantic, baroque)
    - change the windsag for each division
    - change the depth of the tremulant for each stop of each intonation
    - change the speed of the tremulant for each division
    - change some of the speech characteristics using Treble and Bass controls, like on an amplifier
    - save files on the computer and recall them. This feature allows me to save a custom set for specific music. I could increase the relative volume and treble of the reeds (and detune them slightly) for French music. Loading this file does not modify the organ settings permanently.
    - The organ (and remember that this is 1997 design) has three memories for the intonations:
    - ROM. Going back to the factory settings is a couple of mouse clicks to reset the next memory to the factory settings.
    - FLASH. the settings as modified by you that you saved to the organ as the default voicing when it boots up.
    - RAM. the settings in use at the moment. These can be the temporary adjustments from the FLASH memory. Until you Save the organ can be reset to your preferences by turning it off and on again.
    - Save is intonation by intonation: I can modify the baroque and leave the romantic alone, except for the >Organ >Default mouse clicks that reload the whole factory standard.

    I am certain that the newer versions can do much more because the organs are capable of much more than my 1997 designed instrument.
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