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Thread: Graduation video / Looking for score / Please help

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    Lightbulb Graduation video / Looking for score / Please help

    Seeking some appropriate music for graduation video I made for one class.
    It is an epic narrative video, 16 students are traveling from one city to another, working through the wilderness. Through forests, meadows, rivers. It is a style of survival in the wild. Also its all funny and humorous.
    I have no idea how I could search for the kind of music that i need.
    I used a score from the Hobit and LOTR for the beginning part and its awesome, but for the rest i need something that is more funny and happy, but it must fits for the epic journey style. Please help me, i would welcome any tips. It all must be done tomorrow for the premiere, so I dont have much time.

    P.S : sorry for my bad english

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    variations of the classic " Pomp and Circumstance" always works...many posting am sure on youtube..or google it. of course a lot depends on what parts of the journey you need the music for too. " Four seasons " offer some interesting sections. Good Luck. a lot of more modern stuff would give you copyright issues too.
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