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Thread: Prelude for the Holy Friday

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    Prelude for the Holy Friday

    Here is a modern composition for the offices of the Holy Friday.

    Friendly yours. Jean-Paul

    Music is my placebo

    Please visit my channel and web site to hear the music I compose

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    Very appropriate for the Season. Thanks for posting and composition skills God gave you. Have a Blessed Easter Season my friend.
    ....To play only what is written is the domain of science. To realize what is not written is the domain of art."
    - Jean Langlais

    I wish you the Best for each day, now and always.


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    Another wonderful piece, Jean-Paul ... thank you

    Our church has no prelude or postlude on Good Friday ... the service begins and ends in total quietness and darkness. The last sound of the organ until Easter was at communion on Maundy Thursday when I played the Fugue au Kyrie of Jean Langlais.
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    Uh-oh, you've got a son of the Gael, some-one who is only Scottish, ready to comment here.
    Need I remind you my ancestors brought you the English Dictionary, the prophesied global language,
    the Holy Bible in English, and the Encyclopedia Britannica, the first encyclopedia in the world.
    The Encyclopedia was more immediately effective, showing the rest of Europe and the Middle East,
    that "new world" natives weren't just running dogs with no language or prayer.

    I have to like being a Watt, with wire, either wired or weird.

    But I'm here to really tell you what a holy event really is, not just a decorative word of the day.
    First of all, angels are entities that look like humans, and eat and drink and sleep on earth.
    The Holy Spirit is called that, because when you see one,
    it's like a clearing opens up for you in the center of your field of vision,
    looking like you are looking through the world around you, with a misty edge,
    into the eternity beyond, and you don't see a figure, but you can hear a voice.
    Seeing this just once, even without a voice, changes your heart and mind.

    And to be truly Biblical with you in a way everyone can understand,
    for all the miracles, from the healings of the unexpected touchings of His garments,
    to His raising people from the dead, you can read the entire Holy Bible,
    and not find one description of what happened when you looked into His eyes.

    When Jewish political refugees fled to Scotland, the northern island off of Europe,
    believing their own predictions of the Dark Ages, and the coming Hadrian's Wall,
    which totally isolated the northern island from The Dark Ages,
    they gave the sons and daughters of the Gael a gift for their gracious acceptance,
    the "ladder" that Jacob used to see into heaven.
    Yeah, a ladder, almost like the trumpet Joshua used to destroy a city.

    Gaelic people had to make up a new term for what happened,
    when you looked into the eyes of one of them.
    They saw your eyes as a window into your soul,
    and now saw eyes that were a window into eternity,
    and called them "having googlee-eyes", oh, that light.

    Jesus of Nazareth was not borne in Nazareth, going there for a census,
    to have His claimed birth recognized to satisfy Jewish prophecy.
    It doesn't say his real name or the names of any of His family and disciples.
    When you say you are a Christian, you're using a Latin word.
    They took Christos from the Greek and called believers Christians,
    and that was the ones they murdered in arenas and slaughtered in their homes.

    People during the lifetime of Jesus of Nazareth, who followed and believed,
    could be letting their hair grow out and wear white garments, as He did,
    and they were called Nazrites and Nazrenes, both being men and women.
    Please remember, despite all the statues and artworks,
    no-one recognized Jesus of Nazareth after he rose from the dead,
    even if he was walking and visiting with them. He had to tell them who he was.

    According to the Book of Mormon, when He came down from the skies three times,
    to visit Jewish refugees in Central America, He showed His wounds as proof.
    When Spanish conquistadors wrote back to the Kings and Queens of Spain,
    as they were marching around South America,
    they described native reactions to them as being friends with this man of history,
    who called Him "The Great Healer", "The Great Educator", "The Son of God",
    because they had white skin and long hair and beards like He did.

    If you're still wondering, if you do, where Jesus of Nazareth went before his final mission,
    you should read more.
    He worked in a tin mine in England, one of those experiencing what humans experience kind of things.
    Do you believe literally in a Holy Bible that has been being written for the understanding of our times,
    being the new worst of times?
    It says Jesus of Nzareth experienced everything a man could experience on earth. Did He?
    Part of His prophecy of birth is that he would never have a broken bone.
    He had to get married and have children to even be considerate of men and womankind.
    But there is absolutely no mention in the Holy Bible, when Romans were murdering Jewish children.

    Bay-an-uck let, blessings on you,
    and as you could say, Agus oo hane a haritch, you as well friend.
    That's my message today.

    We should all raise our voices to the heavens, the skirlin' and the whirlin'.

    Oh! And just for computer users who like to surf and investigate, if not instigate,
    what was I saying about Joshua and his trumpet that destroyed a city?
    Look at Jericho, where it was, in the Valley of Jericho, obviously with good acoustics.
    That city is gone, but in the valley there are over twenty underground cities,
    the smallest good for ten thousand people and animals,
    the longest straight tunnel between communities being four miles long, high enough for camels.
    You can find that online! Wow! You should wonder.

    Think about it. What were they surviving?
    It's not a military thing, because anyone could stuff the air vents to smoke them out.
    Are they survivors of the last ice age, were they the people who built the pyramids?
    Are you saying Amen as in Amen-Ra and Amen-hotep, and spending money with a pyramid on it?
    These are our lives, we should be living it as followers so that He begins to lead.

    Today, as Easter Sunday for others, I say,
    All Praise for Abram, becoming Abraham.
    His three sons travelled to become the fathers of the Jewish nation, the Muslim nation,
    and eventually, Christians.
    One love.
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