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Thread: The best book about classic music and about another interesting things

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    The best book about classic music and about another interesting things

    «Finding Yourself in the Town of Geniuses» by Valentina KnurovaReading this book, you will go on an amazing journey through the world of geniuses. You will meet Mozart and Schubert, Verdi and Rossini, Scriabin and Armstrong. You will learn amazing details about the life of Haydn and Kalman. You will be able to hear their great works. You will learn how Rachmaninoff wrote music, how Paganini reached the pinnacle of his skill. Every reader will find something interesting and useful for him in this book. Do you love adventure? Then take a trip around the Town of geniuses along with the main characters, collect Jugs of genius. Do you like puzzles and mysteries? Then answer the questions of the Maze of mastery. Perhaps you prefer history? Then you will know the history of the lives of tens of geniuses from different countries and different eras. If you are reading the e-book version on a device that supports audio and video just click the link in the text and you will see and hear Pavarotti singing an aria from La Boheme or see and hear Winston Churchill in a major speech to the U.S. Congress. Other times you will merely hear a speech or a symphony. In any case it will enhance your understanding of the perception of the element of genius being introduced. There are many paintings and photos in the book, lots of interesting thoughts and motivational sayings. The pinnacle of genius often seems to be eluding us. But maybe we're just afraid of big goals and great accomplishments? Maybe we just don't dare to believe in our own strength? Actually, every person is talented. But we often don't find our talent or don't develop it. We are not ready to spend a few years or decades to achieve our goals, we are afraid of becoming losers. Geniuses teach us that we must go our own way and never give up. This book teaches us to go our own way and never give up! Your children can read this book too. It will teach them that without patience, labor and perseverance, it is impossible to achieve their goals. Additionally, you can tell your children or your friends wonderful stories of the lives of geniuses, about which you will read in this book. You will discover the secrets of genius. You will learn about geniuses that don't know before. You will read a lot of funny, insightful, entertaining stories from the lives of great writers and poets, composers, artists, philosophers, politicians, generals. You will learn about the miracle of the birth of geniuses, their development and improvement. And maybe after reading this book you decide that you are a genius too!
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    That sounds sweet! Thanks for sharing

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    Thank you for your attention to my post. I actually read this book with great pleasure. It is written very unusual and very interesting. That is why I want to share information about it.

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    How to become a genius? How to compose brilliant music, brilliant books? How to achieve the most complex goals? This book answers these and many other questions. Thanks for the recommendation! I have read and enjoyed.

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    This was a very happy read, and I'm a book person.
    I can't begin to describe reactions to me, my singing as a youth, my art, music and inventions.
    And everyone used to say I was too cute.
    But one of my big lines was turning down praise, thanks and compliments,
    saying no, I'm not that good, I'm aspiring to greatness, and I haven't hit it yet.
    I would say I'm like a Jaguar XKE, owning a '62 D-type conversion,
    saying it might take a long time to manufacture and build by hand,
    but once I get on the road I'll be catching up and passing everyone else,
    spinning circles all around them.

    Victoria1121V, if you're interested in reading a book by another famous genius,
    please look for Professor Marshall McCluhan, a Canadian.
    He invented the term "global village", and predicted the world of computers.
    I recommend "Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man", and "The Gutenberg Galaxy".
    Yes, music, art, war and life, but, much more than that, what's in your brain.
    Another Scottish clan brought you the Holy Bible in English,
    and if The Testament of the Third Millennium was written, he'd have a chapter.
    Maybe two.
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