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Thread: A different kind of Rock

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    A different kind of Rock

    I'd like to share this band with you guys. They're an alternative-folk rock band that is becoming a hit in Thailand. They blend the traditional sound with the modern rock tone. Hope guys enjoy it.

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    Well that certainly sounds unconventional, such a prominent pentatonic scale. Thanks

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    I typed a lot under the YouTube video, mostly about the name "The Rube".

    I see fandago1 as having problems with English, if he can say
    "they're an alternative-folk rock band" and
    "they blend the traditional sound with the modern rock tone".

    That should be alternative folk-rock, but they're not even that.
    Folk right away means using acoustic instruments,
    and folk-rock is more about using electronics to be louder for bigger stages.
    The Rube has a slight r'n'b groove, and the guitarist is using a Stratocaster,
    what can only be called an electric guitar, and an important modern instrument.
    And the bassist, using a five string, isn't moving around like a folk musician.

    I see fandago1 as saying traditional sound when he means singing in their cultural language,
    and I only heard authentic cultural vocals as the very expressive and moving beginning,
    before the beat starts and the band comes in.

    fandago1 is right all the way about one thing, I really enjoyed them.
    And fandago1, do you really mean "fandango", the proper spelling of the flamenco dance term?
    I do some fandango, and flamenco moves, when I'm moving around with my guitar.

    RondoMondo5! That's an interesting statement, saying a prominent pentatonic scale.
    How would you feel, being raised in a culture with only a pentatonic scale,
    and then hearing European twelve tone or Indian anywhere around 16 note scales?

    If you put me in a rehearsal room with The Rube, I'd Stratify them and r'n'b them up,
    and they'd come out as The Rubinis,
    where they could use a big, red mirrored disco ball in the shape of a heart,
    for their next international video.

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