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Thread: Found my funeral music, what's yours?

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    Found my funeral music, what's yours?

    Hello I have thought about this for some time and I think I have found my funeral music, it is the Adagio from Johann Sebastian Bach's Toccata, Adagio and Fuga in C Major, here is the piece and the Adagio starts at the 5:05 marker:

    But I thought I could also get a thread going about what other peoples music are for there funeral? Doesn't have to be classical really, whatever you have chosen regardless of genre.

    Also make sure you listen to the chord progression at the 8:00 marker, it's certainly worth it if you dont want to listen to the rest of the piece.

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    Always a good choice of music. For myself: I am an Episcopalian but have elected to be a donor and then cremated and have no service..only rites at the death bed if timing works for me. My immediate family do not attend any church and my parents have long passed.
    ....To play only what is written is the domain of science. To realize what is not written is the domain of art."
    - Jean Langlais

    I wish you the Best for each day, now and always.


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    It's a toss up for me, between Bach Passacaglia BWV582 or Purcell's "When I am laid in earth" not sure if there's an instrumental arrangement of the Purcell, I note the Stowkoski orchestral, some piano and a guitar. version on Youtube, so maybe there is an organ arrangement, - any volunteers to try it?
    Cheers MIKE.

    How many roads must a man walk down ... ... before he admits he's lost?

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    Oh! Oh no! This is something I've thought about ever since I could think.
    My parents were founding and charter members of Knox Presbyterian Church,
    where I not only grew up singing in the choir, I'd be sitting in the back while elders conferred.

    As I got older, I even designed two funerary urns, also instigating canopic urns in Ontario,
    so my remains would get thrown over Niagara Falls, the first DC James Beck generation,
    and DeCew Falls, the test installation for Niagara Falls. There are no waterfalls in Scotland.

    I wish I could describe the location and magnificence of the statue of myself I was planning,
    for the surrounding arboreum with glacial striations as drainage leading into Lake Erie, for all the tears.
    Some locals think that might finally restore the pure water of Lake Erie, from Port Colborne down,
    and as I did in life, all the salty tears would allow ocean fish for local consumption.
    The echoes of glaciers from long ago, the sound of large yellow perch resting in the cracks of rocks,
    will not be disturbed by the elemental BOSE system that is brain-wave activating,
    always finding your most appropriate song, with your likes of my music coded for more hits.
    This generous feature of in-mind-find amplification will allow ear-bud and headphone users to remain calm.

    However, the way my life has gael, sorry, gone, even if I have finalized my pre-paid funeral,
    when everyone agrees they won't be finding my body,
    this is it right here, just me typing this as my epitaph, oh yeah,

    "I Shoulda Had Storage"

    That makes me cry right away.
    And those will be genuine, as new, 1977 100 watt Marshall stacks, a kinda Stonedhedge,
    so you can plug in and blast away, keeping back bug infestations caused by global warming.
    "Consider the big black hairy spiders coming inshore.
    They neither sow nor do they reap, just spinning the world wide web.
    And yet Solomon, in all his glory, was not harassed by such as these". I said that.
    Say my name. Say my name. Dit mon nom, Dit mon nom.
    aaah, forget it, oubliez.
    I could wait a thousand years now, for Corno Dolce to let his singing be heard.
    The deepest waves from this Great Lake, will be his to sound surf.
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    If your loved on lies dying before you, eyes open or closed,
    sit beside them, holding their hands, seeing their face for the last time,
    and let the spirit rise up your arms to coalesce in your chest.
    When it passes up through you and you look up thinking to see it,
    even while holding the hands with you, it can heal.
    The transmogrification and transmigration of the soul.
    The last quickening and the death.
    You can count on it, with your own rhythm.
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    Come, Sweetest Death ... JS Bach ... as played by the late Virgil Fox on the John Wanamaker organ in Philadelphia, PA. Preceding that several of my own improvisations will be played (MP3 format recordings) and others can come and play something in my honor ... even corny organ pieces like Chicken Polka or whatever they want.

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    I'm really getting into what you're saying, Krummhorn, I really am.
    That's so nice, not even thinking of it as one set-piece ceremony,
    but playing Bach, some of your own, and then letting others play for real,
    that more than nice three times over.
    But let me ask you a serious question.
    When "Switched on Bach" came out, I thought Bach sounded better with synthesizers.
    That might be as much about how it came out in the recording process, before digital.
    That was so popular around here, I felt I didn't have to buy it,
    getting the double album of Four Seasons that Walter Carlos put out after.
    Or was that Wendy Carlos, I'm not sure.
    How did "Switch on Bach" strike you?

    If I was attending a ceremony such as this for you, Krummhorn,
    I'd bring the biggest Leslie made, usually used for church use,
    two of them, for different sides of the room.
    Turn two of those big spinning speakers up, and it could get elemental,
    and that's using a phase shifter with them.
    If you look at the liner photos for Electric Ladyland,
    Jimi Hendrix used one for recording.
    However, as Jimi said, please be forewarned.
    Heavy Leslie and phase shifting uses create spacial sound singularities,
    especially in the quadrants of harmonic overtones of octave dimension,
    that might allow your spirit to phase shift back to earth,
    enough to allow interference with electrical equipment,
    so that your voice could be heard singing your heart out.
    People could run screaming out of the church.
    And Jimi only used one at a time.
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    One of the pieces I'd like played would be , Farewell to Stromness, by Peter Maxwell Davies.

    But for my wedding, one of the pieces I chose was , Handel's Arrival of Queen of Sheba! The organist was a bit reluctant , but she played it well on the big day.

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    Might have this

    I don’t want a signature any more

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