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    The Swiss prog band METAMORPHOSIS have been out of the public eye since 2011. But now they’re resurfaced to announce a new studio album 'The Turning Point'.

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    Below you can see the artwork for upcoming CD, plus a full track-listing.


    1. Can An Angel Bring Me Back From Death To Life (part I)
    2. The Turning Point
    3. Can An Angel.... (part II)
    4. What Do I Do Now
    5. Hold The Time
    6. Zahra
    7. Nobody's No One
    8. Now It's Clear.

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    The wait has been worthwhile.


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    I'd like to comment on the artwork, what I'll call the album cover.
    First, it's meant to be seen smaller, and I'm looking at it that way.
    There is a strength to the design, a deep contrast that symbolizes a metamorphosis.
    Wow, typing that makes me want to type the word transmogrification.

    I really like how the striking imagery of the man in the mask,
    balances with the outdoors scene, looking like fog before a sunset.
    That's just colour and balance talk.
    Seeing the edges of the wall that opened to show the outdoors,
    adds a cutting shape for what overall is very romantic.

    But I have to say, I do see some Jimi Hendrix here, almost the same theme.
    He wrote a song called "Room Full of Mirrors", and what happened was,
    Jimi was looking at his own reflection, feeling trapped, until he used his spirit to smash all the mirrors,
    so he could look at the world, and use his love to find his love to be.

    yeah, this is the kind of CD I'd buy, just looking at the cover.
    I wonder if the new composer from Sweden who is posting here,
    has met any of these players.

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