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    Under the RADAR

    Here's for recordings which you think are great, but which somehow seemed to have escaped the scrutiny of most listeners, and are thus lesser-known obscurities.

    One for me is "Richter in Spoleto," with the best Debussy Preludes II of anybody I've heard. Originally released on a Turnabout/Vox LP, I waited for years for this to come out on CD.
    I love it when Richter is walking out, and you can hear the bells ringing… The CD…

    …and the original vinyl..

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    Hey, here in Canada we say "turnabout is fair play".
    Now it's my turn.

    I know what you are saying, only from a different perspective.
    One example.
    While I was living and playing guitar full time in Toronto,
    the Nova Scotia keyboard player would tape BBC radio broadcasts.
    He came up to me one day, saying listen to this rock and raggae.
    I learned "Roxanne" right away, and then one of my favorite songs became,
    "Message in a Bottle". I also did about six other Police songs in bands.
    Just because I liked them so much as I did other bands,
    that never penetrated the public mind, I thought they were a curiosity,
    and they were a total concept band, down to their hair and costumes.
    I was playing in a band down the street,
    when they were playing in Toronto for the first time, a $6 cover charge,
    and only twelve people paid to get in.
    Everyone thought they were great, saying they all sat together between sets.
    I finished my gig and got there after everyone had gone.
    The next time they played in Toronto, it was the Police Picnic,
    over $80 a ticket to be part of an outdoor Woodstock scene.
    I never saw the Police live.

    Debussy: La Mer, pour moi, La Lac. His inspiration is still alive.

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